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maw.livedraw, updated with iPhone/Mrmr compatibility


While working with Sinan and his final project, a number of important features were added to maw.livedraw

-the most important is compatibility with Mrmr; Mrmr allows you to control parts of maw.livedraw from an iPhone/iPod Touch.
All of our iPod Touches have been updated with the mrmr control patch.
-each layer now also has a "volume" indicator for sound that is a part of the selected movie file.

Here is the latest patch (stand-alone for mac): Download file
Note that if you have been working up your final with a pervious version, you should keep both versions around; some things with presets may not be backward compatible.

Here is the Mrmr patch: Download file
Make sure Mrmr is sending to the IP address of your computer, and port 1338.