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REMINDER: Final Projects

Hello all,
A reminder that I would like a full detailed description of your final project by the end of the day TODAY.
This description should include:
1) what the project is about
2) where the site will be
3) what equipment you need (please be VERY detailed, include every cable and accessory)

Here is the line up as we decided it on thursday.
Please note when you are scheduled to perform. If you have a conflict or better plan, please tell me immediately.

Please also note that each outing as a "ride boss"; i expect that person to do all the coordination, organizaton, leading....

WHEN: wed 5/13/09
WHO: john, tim, maj, sinan
WHERE: downtown: @ Art Institute, (images of site here)
WHEN: fri 5/15/09, 5.30pm
WHO: Ryan, Lyric, Kara, Michael
WHERE: People Serving People: Portland and Washington
WHEN: fri 5/15/09, 8pm
WHO: brit, maj, tim?, andrea?
WHERE: Art-A-Whirl, see here for pictures of the site.
WHEN: sun 5/17/09, 8pm
WHO: inna, kara, danika, steph, inna, brit
WHERE: Dinkytown/frat-row/east site river banks.
RIDE BOSS: steph/inna


Hello All,

My final project is going to be about the perpetual motion of life, specifially in the city of minneapolis. Especially now in the midst of spring, the rebirth of life is in full fledge, from birds singing to growing vegitation as well as the city and people that live here. I wanted to focus in on that, and especially the integration of natural and man-made life and rebirth, in which minneapolis is blessed to have so much natural beauty .
I still plan to project on the witches hat tower, a place of great visiblity and of great natural beauty. I plan to project from 9 to 9:40, as we will need to vacate the park by ten(ish). Ali, I saw that I am schedualed for Friday, but I thought that we agreed on Thrusday. I will discuss this with you in person after I finish this.
I am going to need a generator, three projectors, A LOT of extension chords (probably all the extension chords at our disposal) one computer, A three way video hub, and three LONG video chords. I will also need three power stips and a wireless camera that we have been playing with.

I can't be the ride boss for Wednesday, since I'll be coming directly from class. I nominate Tim to take my place. All the gear is reserved, and tested including a projector, cables, power and speakers. I'll be setting up between 7:30 and 8:00pm. If everyone else just brings whatever they need we'll be all set!