May 19, 2009

Brit's stop motion

May 13, 2009

FINAL PROJECT(ion) - Guerra-style

I am really interested in the social aspects of the technology we have available and how it can be an essential tool for allowing marginalized voices an opportunity to be heard. I also feel that interaction between citizens and the public space around them is not only a way to claim space for the community, but also initiate discussion and debate on issues within the community.
One of those issues I feel strongly about is the gentrification of culture and character taking place in our own backyards – the destruction and ‘redevelopment’ of historic buildings and neighborhoods in exchange for expensive, cookie-cutter condos or townhouses - at the hands of greedy, capitalistic developers.
One area in immediate danger of destruction is campus’s very own historic Florence Court. For those not familiar with Florence Court, it is a one of a kind historic landmark on University Ave. It is home to a small, yet diverse community of students, musicians, and artists. This unique and beautiful environment where a community has thrived for decades is in immediate danger of destruction due to a proposed redevelopment plan to erect a college apartment complex where 5 historic houses stand, and convert a significant portion of the historic courtyard to a paved driveway. The five historic houses will be demolished and/or relocated.
Florence Court is not just a home – from DIY music venues to late-night bonfires and spontaneous outside concerts – Florence Court is truly a community space we cannot afford to loose.
This is where Guerilla style projections come in - I would like to remind the community of Clark Gassen's (evil developer) heinous destruction plans and also give the community of Florence Court a forum to have their voice heard. I plan to do a quick guerrilla style projection piece on FloCo visible from 35W bridge using simple text. My goal is for the documentation to be made available to the numerous grassroots organizations dedicated to the cause. I will place several posters in FloCo asking residents to leave their opinions, comments, or whatever else they would like the community to know about the development plans or about Clark Gassen. I will then collect the posters and compose a simple – yet effective – short text piece.
Equipment needed:
1-2 projectors & all cables, mounting gear, power sources etc
Video camera for documentation
Laptop with laser tag software?
Laser pointer?
Speakers (I plan to feature some of FloCo’s resident music)
I plan to use my own laptop with software for text piece
*I know I am late - i literally have not slept in the past 4 days as I have been finishing up writing my thesis research paper. I do not feel the late posting of this entry will have any effect on the overall quality of my final project and with my project scheduled on the last possible day I am confident that
the project should go as planned. Kara

May 10, 2009

REMINDER: Final Projects

Hello all,
A reminder that I would like a full detailed description of your final project by the end of the day TODAY.
This description should include:
1) what the project is about
2) where the site will be
3) what equipment you need (please be VERY detailed, include every cable and accessory)

Here is the line up as we decided it on thursday.
Please note when you are scheduled to perform. If you have a conflict or better plan, please tell me immediately.

Please also note that each outing as a "ride boss"; i expect that person to do all the coordination, organizaton, leading....

WHEN: wed 5/13/09
WHO: john, tim, maj, sinan
WHERE: downtown: @ Art Institute, (images of site here)
WHEN: fri 5/15/09, 5.30pm
WHO: Ryan, Lyric, Kara, Michael
WHERE: People Serving People: Portland and Washington
WHEN: fri 5/15/09, 8pm
WHO: brit, maj, tim?, andrea?
WHERE: Art-A-Whirl, see here for pictures of the site.
WHEN: sun 5/17/09, 8pm
WHO: inna, kara, danika, steph, inna, brit
WHERE: Dinkytown/frat-row/east site river banks.
RIDE BOSS: steph/inna

May 7, 2009

LAST CLASS for MAW 2009!

Hello all,
Tomorrow marks the final class meeting period for this years art for the people, art on wheels.
This will be our final work session and conversation before the upcoming outings next week where we see everyone's final project.

Please also be ready to present your final project idea to the class in order to get feedback. Use the images/video/projection/software/materials that you have ready to give us an idea of what to expect from your final performance.

Next week I would like to schedule at least three group outings; I hope to cover as many people as possible in these outings. I expect these outings to be in

1) WED May 13: the U area/dinkytown
2) FRI MAY 15: the northeast (as a part of Art-A-Whirl)
3) SUN MAY 17: by the river (under bridges, silos, ...)

Please respond to this post to let me know if option 1/2/3 suits you; i know that some people have specific sites in mind (e.g. michael, ryan, ...). You will still conduct your outing at that site.

For tomorrow's final class, in keeping with the now-tradition, I propose another potluck. Please bring something tasty or two, as will I.

May 6, 2009


Hey Yall

Steph and I have an outing planned, we were thinking this Thursday during our scheduled class time if weather permits. If not, we are thinking next Tuesday?? If we do it on Tuesday, please meet us around frat row on University where we will find a stable frat house to project(ile vomit) on.

Anyways see you guys on Thursday at regis.
Steph and Inna!

April 20, 2009

This Week in Art on Wheels and Beyond

Congratulations to all for a good outing on Thursday night. It is worth mentioning that though we've done over 70 outings with MAW, last weeks was likely the most ambitious in terms of the number of works shown, the number of projectors deployed, and the number of participants present. As the outing went quite smoothly nonetheless, I feel confident that it's time for you to begin making outings on your own.

We have three more Thursday meetings left this semester. We will spend Thursday night on a local outing, the back of Barker Dance Center and Regis; by the end of that night I would like everyone to get closer to being totally independent in terms of getting the public project instrument fired up and deploying his/her work. Beyond those meetings I would like everyone to take part in at least two outings. Andrea is available to give access to the equipment; please plan a few days ahead.

Andrea is also planning some outings of her own (like this one on Wednesday). I expect everyone to be present at this outing; I also encourage you to take up Andrea's offer to show some work. Please take advantage of this and other similar occasions to get more comfortable with the outing process.

I will also be discussing your final project prospectus with you this thursday, one-on-one. I expect everyone to arrange for an outing to deploy their final project idea; this outings may be group so as to include 2/3/4/5 students' work.

Greetings and until soon,


April 15, 2009

Proposal & Patch Request

With my recent prairie burning videos, I began contemplating the question of destruction versus rehabilitation—what, really, are the positive and negative aspects of complete destruction, such as in a nature conservation effort to revitalize and maintain a space? This concept applies differently to public space, infrastructure, and housing, for example, with many economic and social factors tied in. Obliterating a building to begin anew might provide the opportunity for new technological innovation, greener production, etc. However, the consequential costs of the new structure, be it housing, for example, might exclude various classes of people who were previously experiencing sustainable-living in the area.
Going back to the prairie burn, the thought always pops into my head as to what’s happening at the micro-level during the fire. What we see are spreading flames, billows of smoke, black, singeing… The activity at the micro-level must be equally as excited—desperate I suppose. I’d like to imagine this level, explore it and see what it looks like. The hand-held microscope we were introduced to a few class periods ago could be incorporated into what might be an experimental set-up, with dirt, controlled flame and other works.
I initially began simply with aesthetics in mind—how to combine images from nature in more of an abstract, pattern-illuminating exercise. From that, the fire in the prairie burns delivered quite an obvious statement, one that led me to the considerations above. With the abstraction led to the idea of what kind of things in nature are apparent versus those that are not revealed, which then led to a consideration of the more unseen aspects of urban areas. For example, often while refurbishing efforts go into more visibly public spaces, involving leisure, “thematizing” districts with convention centers, sports complexes, the more underlying structure might experience neglect, such as roads, sewer systems. The question then: what allows for a space to be favored, whereas another might sit, unused, and what can we do to transform this? Should there be any transforming? How can we reinterpret a space to serve artistic purposes? For an interesting geographical read, the novel Tropic of Orange looks at space and its potential from a really unique perspective.

Some ideas for the patch that I would like to incorporate into a composition would be flipping videos horizontally, upside down, as they would help to create new levels of abstraction.

April 14, 2009

Due April 16, Preparations for First Outing


A few things to help our first outing go smoothly:
-please come to class a bit earlier than 6 if you can as we have much to prepare. sunset is at 7.58pm, at which time we must be on-site, generators fired up, projectors/computers connected and ready to play
-please organize all the media you need for your performance: 1) if using video, please bring them on a jump drive or put them on one of the check-out laptops ahead of time; downloading things the night of will take too long; 2) if using paper, plastic, film, or any other material, please have it organized and in an easy to transport container 3) if using live camera input CONSIDER THE LIGHTING (it's dark at night, so bring light or else, our headlamps)
-if you want music accompanying your work, please bring the track on an iPod or such

In later outings, roles may be filled more implicitly, but for the first I would like to select the following people for the following specific roles:
-documentation (video/stills):
[you won't film the whole time, and you will still perform]
[please bring an ipod for a few hours of music, a mix would be much appreciated!]
John and Kara
[select route, ride in the front and the back of the posse, help navigate];

Order of performances:
1) Sinan
2) Michael
3) Brittany
4) Ryan
5) Lyric
6) Inna
7) Kara
8) Stephanie
9) Danika
10) Maj
11) Timothy
12) John

As we will set up several projectors concurrently, performances may overlap/combine.

Things are looking up!


ps don't forget to VOTE!

April 9, 2009

Final project idea

Well Steph, I think you have a grand idea. I was also thinking of doing something along the lines of that project before I read your post. I think it would be hilarious to do something on fraternity row, but also a really strong statement. This should be something we discuss in class! I would like to also do more stop motion stuff. I had a great time making a short animation and I thought it would be fun to elaborate more on that and do more stop motion cartoon-like videos. Also, I think it would be neat to project under the St. Anthony main bridge area, where Andrea showed us her video where there was an actor also. So in combination with all these things,, I thought it would be rad to make a stop motion that would be projected underneath that spot because I like to hang out there a lot, and I have some friends in bands that I would ask to play under that spot but have the animation to interact with the band, kind of bother them a little bit. So it could be an interactive concert which would just be fun to watch.

But I have many more ideas, and would love to collaborate with other people (and Steph, we should talk about doing a public display of how women are treated, because that's something I feel strongly about)

April 8, 2009

projected project two that got erased!


ok, second time, because this one got erased. this is a second idea for a project that enables the viewer to be part of an interactive audience with the videos and manipulating images, i am incorporating this idea in my live drawing presentation. sorry for the vagueness, but i'm truly still brainstorming the idea of doing the live shows and what venues they would be on.


Focusing on the idea of identity in a public sphere, bringing the private ideas and inner workings of who we are, to the forefront of a space is what I wanted to focus on. Often times storytelling is how we accomplish things, or the things we wear or how we speak. These things not only exciting me they want to be the emphasis of my final project. This is a very tentative prospectus because I feel like this idea has only manifested itself recently to me.

“How do I incorporate this?” is better asked in the question of “how do we represent ourselves when it is what we want to be portrayed as?” I would like to program the Max Patch to do a program similar to the projecting faces onto bigger buildings or something like a portrait that the person can alter while they use the audio to tell stories about themselves and their experiences. When you get people to talk, they will tell you a whole lot of information about their lives. I was thinking of doing this projection either at the Obama show in collaboration with Sinan’s piece or… on a cultural center spot in Minneapolis.. what about the public library downtown?

April 7, 2009

Is drag choice or genetics? :)

Assignment 3: Stop Motion Video

Tin Bird Can't Fly

Download file

April 5, 2009

Due April 9, Assignment 2: Live Drawing composition

Please compose a short live-performance etude (1-3 minute) with the maw.livedraw application. This etude should be sufficiently terse to give the viewers a clear idea of the strengths of its approach/idea and how the performance could potentially develop in the future.

Your composition should be performable in-class; so bring your props and the folder of movie files with you to class. Use of the camera as an input source is strongly recommended. As the performance is much easier with one person behind the computer, and the other manipulating objects and the camera, collaborative performances are strongly encouraged. You may hence work in a groups of 2 or 3, in which case 2 or 3 different performances are required.

As usual, give sufficient thought to where the appropriate location for the performance would be, and why.

March 27, 2009

Due April 2, Assignment 1: Stop Motion

Create one stop motion animation (2 minutes length or more) using the maw.stopmotion. Create the stop motion animation with a specific public location in mind where you will show the work.

March 12, 2009


we still don't have entries from the two groups below.

The River: Stories, Heritage, Magic

The Vessel: Huck, Tug or Raft

March 11, 2009

Makers: Analog Meets Digital

"I think what Ali means is the coding/computer work vs physically building things" John, Inna, Andrea and I discussed using Google Talk on March 10th, to discuss the plans for the Mississippi trip. The basis of our discussion was using the resource of water as a installation in our media making process. Since analog by definition is "is the process of taking an audio or video signal (in most cases, the human voice) and translating it into electronic pulses." This theme created three main concepts, create real-time sound, story telling, and organic projection.

One of the concepts that came out of our discussion was a way to create sound in real time using water as a sound source. Since we will be surrounded by water, there will already be these sorts of sounds in our environment, but if we have a way to amplify many other types of sounds made with water and perhaps process them electronically, we might be able to produce audio content that blends into the environment, or cooperates with it in some way.

To do this in real time poses some challenges. For example, wind could interfere with microphones, so some sort of wind screen or shielding would need to be used. Underwater microphones were also suggested, which would not have a problem with wind while under the surface of the water. An alternative is to prerecord a library of water sounds that could be used for performances. However, I think that being able to use water as an instrument for performing brings in an organic element has a certain charm that might be difficult to achieve with samples.

Feedback might also be a problem, but we could use processing in Max or other software to dynamically adjust the microphone levels. I've seen video of this being done with a feedback piano at Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Here's a video that illustrates some of their work including the feedback piano project.

Some examples of how liquid could be used to create sound include: submerged microphones, pouring water from one container to another, droplets of water falling into a container, blowing bubbles into a container through a straw or hose, tapping on metal containers with moving water inside, water draining down sinks, and so on. Using prerecorded sounds we could also use surf, waves, rain, streams, rivers, splashing, etc.

Another concept that came up was in recording to do a play on how humans interact and a sort of storytelling occurs with a play on words. Like when little children play telephone under water and you see how stories change over time, and how meanings become distorted. It would be interesting to do an underwater telephone game where someone tells a story and see how that translates about going down the mississippi, but not only translate but to further it by changing the sound of a human voice into electronic pulses to match the meeting between analog and digital. Another aspect we looked at was how water affects us and what it means to us. It must carry a certain meaning since we will be traveing down it, so artists that use water in their work was suggested. The depletion and usage of water in today's society, and how that is affecting us and how it will effect us in the future. We want to use water as a vehicle for sound production and basically translate it to how past meets present, analog meets digital, how there are parallels that exist.

Some ways of executing the organic projections and sound was using some things we already have that contain analog: CD players, iPods... using it to project video analog. Let's carry out the visual aspect of analog. It is also important to state that even though we are making the plans of how to execute these programs, through MaxMSP, Proccessing and such, we should all educate ourselves on how to look outside the box and create new forms, new sounds, new images in a more lowbudget sense as well. USE THE WATER, it is our biggest installation/collaboration yet.

Artists we referenced were: John Cage, Beth (TJ Barnes' wife) and artists from (electronic arts intermix),

March 8, 2009

Mississippi Thoughts


Thank you for your thoughts in the first brainstorming session. We will continue to do this regularly for the rest of the semester. Starting with the above map, I have devised four groups.

Please find below your name; the group titles should sound familiar and have some common meaning to us all after our 1st brainstorming session.


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Another lil patch to try.
This one, for creating stop motion animations very easily.

It uses the built-in camera, or another (hopefully better) video camera connected to the computer thru USB or Firewire.

To start the patch, follow the pink/red numbered steps...

Download file

March 4, 2009


New version of the multi-video projection patch with many of the requested features.
New features include:
-masks for each video
-auto alpha channel transparency with gain and threshold control
-unified position controller for all video
-ability to store and recall presets of the whole patch.

Please test and comment.

The stand-alone application for Max OS X is here


MAW Heartland Tour

The wheels are now officially turning.
I have submitted a grant for our Mississippi (on a boat like this)/Fargo tour and have leads on other funding sources. Please study the grant application to get a sense of the over all plan/schedule.

We should now make it out collective goal to make this trip happen.
There are two grand areas of work:
1) Financing, Planning, Logistics for the trip.
2) Devising an artistic goal for the tour and plotting the means to achieve that goal

We will spend some time in class on Thursday brain-storing/white-boarding the above areas.
Come to class with an artistic vision for what a MAW @ Mississippi/Fargo trip would, could, should be; your ideas will give us a place to start the discussion.



February 8, 2009

Due Feb. 13: Assignment 3: "The Collective Camcorder in Art and Activism" by Jesse Drew

Please read and be ready to discuss this article.

The article of interest is pages 95-115.

Due Feb. 13: Assignment 2: critique of Andrea and Angela's performance

Please revisit Andrea and Angela's performance in your mind (or with the help of these pictures) and offer some critical and constructive feedback. Please leave that feedback as comments to this post, at least one comment per student.

Due Feb. 13: Assignment 1: revise head-shot installation video

Redo the footage for the multi-projector head-gesture installation.
Keep in mind the following:

1. get rid of white flashing frame if you have it by cropping the ends of the video
2. get the back-ground subtraction right
3. neck and head only in the fram
4. practicing loading the videos into the the "maw.kenburns" patch, adjusting the size and position, quickly
5. keep in mind how adjacent pieces of footage will interact with one another through the actor's head gestures, facial expressions and actions