April 7, 2009

McNamara Outing

andrea and i are going to take the trikes out and project on the mcnamara center on east bank on wednesday night after the river meeting for class.

we will be laser tagging and experimenting with livedrawing and other projects. please join us on the bicycles too.


March 9, 2009

And Another

Sent to

"Hi Guys
My name is Rock&Roll and I'm i a local hip hop band called Just.Live.

I'm wondering if you guys have ever done anything like video for live shows. Images that would run on a screen behind a performer during a concert.

I think that would be awesome to have something like that made for our concerts.

Any Thoughts?


check it:


Historic Preservation

Madeline Douglass wrote to

"Preservation month is both a local and national event that highlights
both endangered historic buildings and historic buildings that have been
saved and reused.

The project would involve projections of images and text on vacant
endangered historic buildings.

The buildings could include, the Bardwell-Ferrant house at 2500 Portland,
the Pauline Fjelde house at 3009 Park, and the Valspar Corporate headquarters
building at 1101 South Third Street."

Anybody interested in spear-heading this?

see similar project here.

Theatre Collaboration

My friend Katrina is creating a proposal for a theatre piece that will take place next year, if accepted. She sought me out because she is familiar with our class and MAW and greatly hopes to collaborate with anyone who is interested.

Her goals are to recreate the traditional theatre setting and construct a piece that will explore new and innovative ways to communicate between actors, audiences and designers. She’s tired of the typical performance delivery and the placement of audience members as mere spectators. She is excited about projections that could create abstract scenes, completely devoid of the usual props/scenery construction. She also mentioned shadow puppets!

This would truly be a collaborative project, as she has not written or decided on a definitive script. She would like to develop it along the way, feeding off of the ideas of those involved (actors, designers, etc.)—somewhat of an improv planning process and collective development.

February 25, 2009

VIDEO ART DEBAUCHERY! Vive Winnipeg, l'enfer oui!

wow, anyways, congratulations on spark being a major success, it was good to further get to know everyone in the class, but also finally see some work in action on outings and seeing people perform.

with that said, would anyone be willing to examine the possibilities of going to media city in windsor, ontario?

15th EDITION of media city
is May 20-23, 2009

media city has been a staple of video and contemporary real time media for many years now. i have gone to it before, it was absolutely extraordinary and it gives you a feel of what is going on elsewhere

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February 16, 2009

Thursday Outing during Spark

An old MAW hand, Hank Colton, aka TJ () has kindly offered to accompany the interested company on an outing on thursday, at/around the Bedlam theater sometime between 7pm-2am.

Time for someone to take initiative and make this happen. Andrea () kindly offered to get you set up with a backpack if you contact and meet with her in the next couple of days.

There will be a great audience and high festival spirit. Let's make it happen!


Spark Volunteers please!

Hello all,
As mentioned, we are looking for volunteers for the Spark Festival.
You would help us welcome artist that arrive, by sitting at a table, greeting, answering practical questions and directing people to people and places. Wednesday/thursday/friday are the critical days.
Please kindly leave a comment to this posting if you are able to help with a bit of your time.



February 13, 2009

videopool in winnipeg

i figured to share the link of videopool the video collective in winnipeg, MB, which is nearly 8 hours north of minneapolis. since we were going to go and project in fargo, why not think about winnipeg as a projection spot. here is the link.

this is very much like the collectives we read about in the article. community action, accessiblity, and artistic movement are all keys within this really cool place.

let's connect shall we? i want to email them as i have visited a few times before.

February 2, 2009

MN Immigrant Freedom Network

Hey everyone
I was recently forwarded an email from the Spanish Dept regarding an opportunity to volunteer with the MN Immigrant Freedom Network. As a spanish studies and foreign studies major, I am especially interested in working with media and immigrant youth in particular. The description states the volunteer might help place stories in community media to increase the visibility of immigrant voices on important issues to the community... This sounds like a perfect opportunity to utilize the technology we have available in this class to bring immigrant voice into public discourse through interactive projections or something similar.
I have been in contact with Alondra form the Immigrant Freedom Network
and mentioned that I am in the COLA class and she is super excited to work something out. I am going to be meeting with her in a week to discuss how we can work together. If anyone is interested in working with me and creating an event with the Immigrant Freedom Network, let me know. This is just in the beginning stages and I am anticipating an event taking place towards the end of the semester... If you have any questions for me, or want to know more information, feel free to email me or talk to me in class. Let me know your thoughts!

You can learn more about the MN Immigrant Freedom Network at their website here

January 27, 2009

Laser Tag Demo

Heads up that I'm setting up the 'laser tag' software on the first floor of Regis-West this Thursday at noon.

Check out an example here.

Hope to see some there!


January 26, 2009

MAW invited by Make Television and Saint Paul Science Museum

Another invitation, this one by MAKE Television and the Saint Paul Science Museum, who did a MAKE profile on me and MAW. The people at the Science Museum know MAW and have been wanting to get us there for some time. They apparently have some projection spots already in mind....

Invite is below: any interest?


This is Nick Watts again from Make: television. I’d like to tell you about an event we have on March 14th called Make: Day where we are taking the spirit and mission of the series and creating a fun, interactive, engaging experience at the Science Museum of MN. The event will feature dozens of talented makers exhibiting, demonstrating and performing. Details for the event are still taking shape, but I wanted to reach out to you first to see if you’d like to participate?

The people at the Science Museum are very flexible, and have basically given us the keys to the place to do what we want. I’ve walked through the event and there are a bunch of cool places I thought would be great for projections. The outside of the building is also an option. I‘d love to talk more about this with you, and answer any questions you might have. What’s your immediate impression?

MN Arts Advocacy Day

Hello, I was contacted by someone about the MN Arts Advocacy day;
Email is below.

Anyone interested in participating?


Hello Ali,

My name is Miranda Bryan and I am Minnesota Citizens for the Arts' new Campus Arts Advocates Intern. I am contacting you because we are looking for arts supporters – students and professors – to attend Arts Advocacy Day.

Arts Advocacy Day at the Capitol happens on February 24, 2009 and it would be wonderful to see Minnesota College Campuses represented! Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is a statewide Advocacy organization that organizes the arts community to lobby the Minnesota State Legislature and Congress. Our mission is to ensure opportunity for all people to have access to and involvement in the arts. Annually, we host Arts Advocacy Day at the MN State Capitol to make sure decision-makers know about the strong arts community in Minnesota and that we need their support. This is a very important year for the arts since the state budget is facing a shortfall of at least $5.3 billion, and the last time Minnesota faced a large deficit in 2003, state arts funding was cut by a third. Arts people come from all over the state to take part in Arts Advocacy Day. It's the best arts networking opportunity of the year!

If you know of any students that have a passion for the arts and want to get involved in Arts Advocacy, please pass them on to me or forward this message to them. Attached is a PDF file with information about Advocacy Day. You can also find more information and RSVP by going to and click on the "Sign up for Arts Advocacy Day on February 24th Today!!" link.

Thank you for your help!


Miranda Bryan