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Spring 2010 Visiting Artist roster

Jan 27:  Zhang, Liang, Chinese film-maker  Talk in Influx  (unfortunately these are back to back, but Zhang's visit was rescheduled )

Jan 28: Shary Boyle (ceramicist and painter)  Talk in Influx

Feb 11: Katarina Zdjelar Influx talk Thursday  (Serbian video artist who lives in Netherlands)

Mar 4: Lucy Lippard, Influx talk Thursday

Mar 25: Vandana Shiva, Influx talk, Thursday

Apr 8: David Dunlop installation artist, Influx talk

Apr 16 (?): Jaakko Heikkilä Influx Thursday, not confirmed?asked Minna to change this

Apr 16 (?): Frames of Violence artist talk (to be confirmed by Ali)

Tasks from meeting: 09.11.16

Visiting Artist Meeting Part II

The group is strategizing around building a case for program support to the college-

-Tonya and Lindsay to track down lists of past artists and grad letters of support.
-List of artist partner institutional support- talk about that at lunch with Walker.
-Lunch with Walker and Co: Partners include: Chris Atkins, MIA, Allison Herrera, Andrea Hickey, Sarah Peters, Witt Walker, Tom from MCAD, John Rasmussen, Midway, Steve Dietz, Northern Lights.  Lunch is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 14th,
-Ali Momeni will be the Chief Food Consultant for this event
-Jenny, Chris and Chris: Pursue meeting with Dean

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