April 19, 2005

Favorite TV Show

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The Cobsy show is my al time favorite TV show because it's a black family, who are educated and middle class. The show gives the audience the chance view the other side of black families instead the stereotypical version that is on TV everyday. I believe shows like the Cosby laid the foundation of similar TV shows. I think I enjoyed the Cosby becuase it was a funny and had a story to tell about this particular family. I could relate to this family because each character reminds me of myself and has something in common with me, which made fun and interesting to watch everyday. The show showed the strength of a black family and the influences that the parent had on thier children. While each character shared their life experaince with us, we got better understanding what it means to execept a person for who they are. The parent relationship made the difference of how the kids viewed them. I thought the parents relationship was unique and inspiration because of the respect and the unconditional love the parents have for each other. My friend and I always joke about how we would want husband like Cliff Huxtable, he always says that he would want a wife like Clair Huxtable. View image

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April 14, 2005

Light Rail

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The first time I rode the light rail I was really excited becuase it was going to be faster then the bus and easier to get to me destination. I thought it was fast and the first time I rode the rail was to Mall of America.

My reaction when I rode the lightrail the second time for class. I rode on the weekending and it was loud, and crowded with teenagers going to the mall, I had a hard time concentrating and enjoying the ride, becuase of the noise. I got the chance to converse to three guys who were sitting a cross from me, we got to taking about the ticket one of the guys got for riding the lightrail with out getting a pass. Then we talked about the weather and schools general things.

The destination that I got off was cedar-riverside avenue station, it's looks like any of the other stations, except the art work that the station has which is steel medal shapes that are colorful, and the shapes resemble famous buldings around the world. This art worked seemed there was purpose, becuase of the area this station is, where there is large amount of minorities that live the apartment buildings that are by the stattion called riverside plaza's I think. I like the art work hopefully it purpose that I believed that it was there for. There is aslo on the other corner of the station there is a Bar and Grill that's called Baja. I was femilar with area becuase there is large portion Somalain live in the riverside plaze, and there is Brian Coyle Community Center which is where I volunteer at. The three S's i would use to decribe this stattion is probably a Somnambulism because I wouldn't have noticed the art work except I was paying attention to my surroundings. I aslo felt it was Sequestration because the stations is blocked with Restaurant, only from far when I was standing at the parking lot of community center, but you can see if you get close to the restaurant, and the station.


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Yellow Arrow

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I would put my arrow at 301 19th Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55455 which is
a Hubert H.Humphrey Center, in the west bank area. The specific area would the computer lab, and behind a certain computer that is numbered 70, this is my favorite computer which I get most of my homework at which. The yellow arrow you can have fun while doing your homework, like listening to music. Plus this is the best computer in the lab and appreciate just like the many that used it before you. Think of yourself as the lucky one because this computer has good luck. The reason why I chose this particular area is becuase this is where I send most of time at, plus this computer became a second home for me. All of my friend make fun of me by saying if anybody is ever looking for that they would be able to find me at humphrey center, for the most part this is really true. I specific computer because it's my favorite computer and I always use this computer.

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