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Rally Race, Day 2

The team is in incredibly high spirits despite only moving up one place through the second day of rally racing. We flew through the three timed sections with Brandon behind the wheel, and we saw none of the motor controller problems that we had yesterday. That alone was enough to satisfy us, but we had so much power to burn that we flew through the untimed stages as well. This caused us to finish the day first when we started sixth. We take pride in that the car continues to perform well in an NASC style race, and that we can run fast all day, no problem.

The racing crew has a reasonable chance of breaking in to the top three tomorrow with as strong of a day as we had today. Though, the timed sections make up such a small portion of the race that we really can not know how we will stack up against the competition. We can only wish the best for everyone and perhaps for a lucky break or five.

Jason Allen
Electrical Team


Glad things are going better! I'm proud of you guys not only for doing well, but for taking problems in stride and especially for helping out other teams. We look forward to the pictures every day!

Keep it up guys! Good luck tomorrow!

Too exciting ... I only wish there was live video coverage! ;-) Keep up the great would and it has got to be a boost to be improving and feeling so confident. Carpe Diem!

YEA!!!!! You guys are great!! Not at all surprised at your success so far. Keep it up!! Go U of M!!
Nice job drivers, electrical team, strategy team and everyone else there. All your hard work is paying off. Good luck on Day 3!

Hey you guys, that's awesome! I can't wait for you to get back, and I completely agree that we need video coverage! You're the best, and we're waiting for the updates :)

Good to see the next UMNSVP team racing, how is everything in Taiwan? The people there should be kind to all of you. I know that because I lived in Taiwan for a while.

And it is nice to see you guys helping the Iranian team, even though our President has problems with its government, but not its people.

If web space allows, definity put up the video highlights of the race. I'm pretty sure everyone wants to see it.