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2008 MEAFCS Award Winners

Announcing the 2008 Minnesota Award winners for NEAFCS

Minnesota Winners – NEAFCS 2008

• Continued Excellence
Cindy Petersen

• Extension Educator of the Year
Shirley Anderson-Porisch

• Distinguished Service
Rebecca Hagen Jokela

• Florence Hall (Teen Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teens)
Kathleen Olson
Jodi Dworkin
Colleen Gengler
Chris Gonzalez

• Program Excellence Through Research (Using Focus Groups to Adapt Programming for College Financial Education)
Lori Ann Hendrickson
Rebecca Hagen Jokela
Sara Croymans
Janene Gilman

• Communications: Written Press Releases ( Back-to-School means helping children learn shopping lessons)
Lori Ann Hendrickson

• Communications: Radio (Foreclosure Help)
Rosemary Koziolek Heins

• Communications: Educational Curriculum Package (Debt Know How)
Cindy Petersen
Jean Bauer
Patricia Olson
Patrick Dwyer

• Marketing Package (Food Safety Program Marketing Plan)
Katherine Brandt
Connie Schwartau
Roselyn Biermaier

• Community Partnership (A Unique Collaboration)
Rebecca Hagen Jokela
Jan Gilman
Sara Croymans
Lori Ann Hendrickson

• Healthy Lifestyle Education Grant (E.A.T. – In [Everybody All Together])
Kimberly Asche
Marla Reicks
Donna Geiser
Ellie McCann
Sara Van Offlen
Elizabeth Johnson
Carrie Olson
Dee Ann Leines
Karen Shirer


Congratulations to all of you!

Congratulations to all winners. You do great work. It is a good thing to get recognition for exceptional work.
Well done!

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