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May 5, 2011

Recommendation of Ad Hoc Committee Addressing Membership Issues

NEAFCSS MN Affiliate Ad Hoc Committee Addressing Membership Issues
Recommendations to the Board
January 31, 2011

Ad Hoc Committee Members: Suzanne Driessen, Jill May & Sara Croymans
Recommendations to NEAFCS MN Affiliate Board:
1. Adopt National's by-law definition of an active member "An Extension employee working in any capacity with family and consumer sciences or home economics programming, who has a minimum of a bachelor's degree, who belong to his/her state/territory affiliate of Extension Educations, upon payment of dues, may become an active member of NEACS" to allow for increased membership in Minnesota, to include eligible Program Coordinators, Community Nutrition Educators (CNEs), Community Program Assistants, etc.
a. This would require a Minnesota Affiliate by-law change, Article III, Section 2 to remove 'professional appointment'
2. Investigate "partner" and "student" membership categories as utilized by National. With student membership, consider an additional Minnesota membership fee, separate from National dues.
3. In light of the national increase in dues over the next three years, and considering that this year's increase was absorbed at the state level, recommend that we:
a. Allocate a portion of the NEAFCS MN Affiliate endowment funds annually to supplement dues.
b. Increase registration fee for our NEAFCS MN Affiliate Professional Development opportunities to generate extra funds to be allocated to supplement membership dues.
These two actions would result in a reduction of dues that individuals would need to pay to help offset current dues and dues increases, support continuation of membership as well as encourage new members to join.
4. Contact past retirees to inform them of the MN Life Member option and the benefits available to them.
5. Develop a plan to actively recruit eligible non-members to join, including but not limited to, making it more visible to potential members that there is a reduced member fee for the first year, availability of a brochure or recruitment tool, and professional advantages as it applies to scholarship.
6. Develop a strategic plan to inform administration of NEAFCS' scholarly importance worthy of support by the U of M Extension Center for Family Development, allowing funds to be used for membership dues and professional development funds to be used to attend the NEAFCS Annual Session. Examples could include emphasis on the impressive national objectives, the scholarly strength of the association, opportunity for visibility of the U of M Extension Center for Family Development at the national level, and support in strengthening the emphasis of the U of MN Extension as an employer of choice.

Recommendation for Fund 8094 University of Minnesota Foundation NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Professional Activity Fund

As a result of receiving a share of the fundraising income for hosting the 2007 NEAFCS Annual Session in St. Paul, MN, the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate established the Professional Activity Fund as a Quasi-Endowment within the University of Minnesota Foundation. (A copy of the MOA accompanies this policy statement.) In order to preserve the principal of the original Fund, only the available balance will be used annually. Annual use of the available balance will be at the discretion of the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board for a Professional Development program(s) and/or resource(s) that reach a majority of the MN Affiliate membership.

Policy Recommendation Committee Members:
Colleen Gengler
Kathleen Olson
Shirley Anderson-Porisch

May 2, 2011

March 2011 NEAFCS-Minnesota Affiliate minutes