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Recommendation for Fund 8094 University of Minnesota Foundation NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Professional Activity Fund

As a result of receiving a share of the fundraising income for hosting the 2007 NEAFCS Annual Session in St. Paul, MN, the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate established the Professional Activity Fund as a Quasi-Endowment within the University of Minnesota Foundation. (A copy of the MOA accompanies this policy statement.) In order to preserve the principal of the original Fund, only the available balance will be used annually. Annual use of the available balance will be at the discretion of the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board for a Professional Development program(s) and/or resource(s) that reach a majority of the MN Affiliate membership.

Policy Recommendation Committee Members:
Colleen Gengler
Kathleen Olson
Shirley Anderson-Porisch

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