January 20, 2011

NEAFCS-MN Award and Membership Goals for 2011

NEAFCS-MN Award and Membership Goals for 2011


Update membership list to reflect information needed for awards

·       To include DSA, CEA and Ed. of the Year, years of membership, and number of annual sessions attended


Increase membership

·       Investigate other job classifications/professional appointments for membership (PC's, CNE's, etc.)

·       Encourage eligible faculty/staff to become members

·       Continue to maintain and increase membership

·       Celebrate continued membership


Increase the Number and categories for state/regional/national award applications

·       Encourage eligible members to apply for Distinguished Service, Continued Excellence, Ed. of the Year, and Early Career awards

·       Encourage members to submit an application for Friend of NEAFCS-MN award

·       Utilize program areas to recruit, encourage, and assist individuals & teams to apply for appropriate, targeted awards including using program information for multiple award categories


Encourage attendance at annual NEAFCS sessions for members to ensure award eligibility for DSA, CEA and Ed. of the Year awards.


Request that Associate Deans and Program Leaders encourage and support NEAFCS membership and attendance at NEAFCS annual conference within leadership roles and/or program presentations. This will support educators' alignment with and strengthen scholarship efforts.


Update task list and timeline of committee responsibilities.

April 27, 2010

April News - Committee reports

The Award/Membership committee is proud to announce this years NEAFCS-MN affiliate award winners:

1. DSA - Suzanne Driessen
2. NEAFCS Extension Educator of the Year - Colleen Gengler
3. Food Safety Award - Peddling Your Pickles Safely? - Debra Botzek-Linn with team of Carol Ann Burtness; Lou Ann Jopp
4. Educational Curriculum Package - Dollar Works 2: A Personal Financial Education Program - Cindy Petersen with team of Shirley Anderson-Porisch; Rosemary Heins; Susan Hooper; Jean Bauer
5. Educational Publications -Parenting for School Success - Kathleen Olson with team of Colleen Gengler; Patricia Stoppa; Joanne Musich; Madge Alberts
6. Internet Education Technology - Family Education Network - Ellie McCann with team of Rose Allen; Colleen Gengler; Joanne Musich; Kathleen Olson; Minnell Tralle
7. Newsletters - Home Food Preservation Newsletter - Debra Botzek-Linn with team of Carol Ann Burtness
8. Written Press Releases - Thaw and cook your Thanksgiving Turkey safely - Debra Botzek-Linn
9. Marketing Package Award - Marketing Package - Suzanne Driessen with team of Elena Yepiz; Joellen Feirtag

Congratulations to everyone!!

The Professional Development committee is still in the process of securing speakers for the workshop on Aging and Technology. They are tentatively planning for a July 20th or 21st event. Please hold those dates until all the speakers have been confirmed. Topics the committee is exploring include: mental acuity, aging and technology, retiree panel, good food and fellowship.

From the Living Well committee: 'Tis the season of graduations, weddings, showers, and Mother's Day! Would you be interested in purchasing more copies and if so how many? The Living Well resource book is available for only $23. Please let Rosi know by April 30th if you are interested in ordering more 'Living Well' cookbooks.

March 18, 2010

Board and Committee List Updated 3-18-10

Here is the latest board and committee list.

MEAFCS Board Committees 2009-2010 3-18-10.xls

October 27, 2009

Congratulations 2009 Award Winners!

Members great work recognized at our Affiliate's Annual Meeting!

There were 13 award applications for this year. This year five members received national and/or regional awards. Congratulations!

National Winners!
National Award Recipients:
Continued Excellence Award - Carol Ann Burtness
Distinguished Service Award - Kimberly Asche

Central Region Award Recipients:
Communications Written Press Release - 3rd Central Region
"Avoid the Instant Tax Loan" by Shirley Anderson-Porisch

Communications: Educational Technology - 3rd Central Region
"Understanding Underserved Audiences: Implications for Improving Programs
for African American, Caucasian, Latino and Somali Audiences"
Team Members: Jill May, Sara Van Offlen, Shelley Sherman, Felisha

Minnesota Winners!
Food SafetyCooking Safely for a Crowd
Team Members: Lou Ann Jopp, Deb Botzek-Linn, Carol Ann Burtness

Communications: Educational Publication
Healthy & Fit on the Go Travel Kit
Team Members: Jill May, Kelly Kunkel, Betsy Johnson, Trina Barno

Jill and Kelly educational publication.jpg

Program Excellence Through Research
FSNE Program Evaluation
Team Members: Kathleen Lovett, Shelley Sherman, Trina Barno, Christa Treichel

Kay Lovett award 2.jpg

Communications: Newsletters
School Wellness, Sara Van Offlen
Sara Van Offlen awards.jpg

Extension Educator of the Year
Shirley Anderson-Porisch
Extension educator of yr. Shirley 2009.jpg

June 4, 2008

2008 National and Regional Award Winners

If a region is not listed in an award category that region did not have a winner. Also note that not all awards were given in every category if there were no qualifying entries.

Florence Hall
Central Region Winner
Kathleen Olson, Minnesota
Jodi Dworkin
Chris Gonzalez
Colleen Gengler

Communications – Written Press Releases
2nd National Winner – Lori Ann Hendrickson, Minnesota

2nd Central Region Winner – Lori Ann Hendrickson, Minnesota

Communications – Educational Curriculum
2nd National Winner –
Cindy Peterson, Minnesota
Jean Bauer
Patrick Dwyer
Patricia Olson

1st Central Region Winner –
Cindy Peterson, Minnesota
Jean Bauer
Patrick Dwyer
Patricia Olson

Community Partnerships

National Winner –
Rebecca Hagen Jokela, Minnesota
Jan Gilman
Lori Ann Hendrickson
Sara Croymans

Central Region Winner –
Rebecca Hagen Jokela, Minnesota
Jan Gilman
Lori Ann Hendrickson
Sara Croymans

To see exactly what winners receive please go to the on-line awards manual found at
2008 National and Regional Award Winners

National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
2008 National - DSA and CE - Winners

Distinguished Service Award •Rebecca Ann Hagen Jokela - Minnesota

Continued Excellence Award •Cindy Marie Petersen - Minnesota

May 15, 2008

2008 MEAFCS Award Winners

Announcing the 2008 Minnesota Award winners for NEAFCS

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