January 8, 2014

December 2013 Exec Bd Minutes

Minutes NEAFCS-MN Dec16BoardCall.docx

October 1, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes, September 28, 2010

Here are the minutes from the NEAFCS, Minnesota Affiliate September 28, 2010 board meeting. We prepared for October 5, 2010 Affiliate Annual Meeting. We also reviewed the budget and discussed the dues increase and implications for our Affiliate. Please download minutes and review.

See you at our annual session!

Minutes NEAFCS board mtg. September 28, 2010.docx

July 27, 2010

Highlights from Minnesota Affiliate July 2010 Board Meeting

Here are the highlights from the July 19, 2010 Minnesota Affiliate Board Meeting

Minnesota NEAFCS has 32 active members, 1 first time member and 14 life members. 88% of our active members are involved on the board or on committees.

On the National Level -- Kathy Olson, NEAFCS Secretary, who chairs the national NEAFCS By-laws Committee and is on the Electronic Communication Committee, Shirley Anderson-Porisch -By-Laws Committee, Colleen Gengler -- Program Development Committee. Lou Ann Jopp --Living Well Book Committee.

We now have a MEAFCS Foundation Account under the University of MN Foundation.

Proposed National Dues Increase: There is a proposed National dues increase from $85 to $90 to $100 over the next three years. If passed we need to collect additional dues. Currently, we are at $100 and $70 goes to National. To increase our state dues because of a National dues increase we will need a vote of the membership at our annual meeting.

Additionally we may need to increase our state membership dues as our current carry over is being depleted each year. We will discuss further at our annual meeting.

Living Well Resource Books: Originally, 25,000 books were printed and nationally we have 18,000 left. We made $700 on the books MN has sold. The MN committee allocated $250 towards this year's professional development.

By-Laws: The board thoroughly reviewed the Minnesota Affiliates' bylaws and will submit suggested changes to the membership at least 10 days prior to the annual meeting.

View the Executive Summary Executive Summary July 2010 Board Mtg final.docx

and/or the full mintues MEAFCS Board Meeting Minutes July 2010.docx

April 16, 2010

Board Meeting Summary, March 5, 2010

Your NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Board met via conference call on March 5, 2010. Secretary, Phyllis Onstad, summarized our discussion. Please take a few minutes to read the survey as there are issues that impact you as a member.

Summary march 05 2010 board conf call NEAFCS.docx

Here are the entire board minutes for your viewing.
3 5 2010 NEAFCS MN Affilitate revisedCONFERENCE CALL MTG.docx

January 8, 2010

January 6, 2010 Executive Board Special Meeting (Summary)

Following is a summary of the January 6, 2010 Executive Board Special Meeting.  To view the entire minutes, see attached minutes (under "Minutes" section).

- Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary

 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences - MN Affiliate

Executive Board Special Meeting Minutes -- January 6, 2010 (via UM Connect)

Financial Updates:

  • President Suzanne is developing a spreadsheet to track income/expenses but needs clarification on financial year closing dates
  • Motion made and passed: NEAFCS-MN Affiliate will reimburse mileage at $.25/mile
  • NEAFCS Executive Board will not financially support one state representative to the annual JECP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) conference.  President Suzanne and President-Elect Mary plan to attend the 2010 JCEP Conference in Nashville, TN in early February.  They shared their individual plans for "creative funding" to support their participation.  The 2009-10 NEAFCS-MN Affiliate budget includes $750 to support JCEP attendance.
  • Discussed progress on setting up the quasi-endowment fund through the U of MN Foundation.  A check ($10,034.53) will be transferred from the savings account to the U of MN Foundation.  To set up the quasi-endowment fund, Board members will develop a "Memorandum of Agreement" to include information about the organization, purpose of the gift and indicate how the funds will be used.


  • Executive Board and Public Policy Committee will identify a NEAFCS-MN Affiliate representative to attend 2010 PILD (Public Issues Leadership Development) Conference.
  • Each Executive Board member will submit information on the blog during 2010.
  • A membership survey will be sent to each Affiliate member to gain information about the benefits of membership and promotion ideas.  Survey results will be shared at the upcoming NEAFCS Regional meeting at JCEP. Survey results will also be shared with MN's Membership Committee.
  • Executive Board members and Committee Chairs will develop a list of duties and responsibilities for future use.
  • President Suzanne is hoping to appoint a member to fulfill the position of "Parliamentarian".

January 6, 2010 Executive Board Special Meeting Minutes (complete)

January, 2010 Special Board Minutes.pdf

December 30, 2009

December 10, 2009 Executive Board Meeting Minutes (Complete)

December, 2009 Board Minutes.pdf

December, 2009 Executive Board Summary

Following is a summary of the December 10, 2009 Executive Board Meeting.  To view the entire minutes, please see the attached minutes (under "Minutes" section).

-- Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary


National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences - MN Affiliate

 Board Meeting Executive Summary

(Refer to complete minutes for more details)

Thursday - December 10, 2009 Via UM-Connect

·         Finances:

o   Reviewed current status of accounts, recent income and projected budget expenditures. 

o   Tri-State Funds: Matt Musel, U of MN Foundation reviewed options.  Motion made and passed: "transfer money out of the Money Market Savings Account (~$10,034.53) to the University of Minnesota Quasi-Endowment Fund."  A "Memorandum of Agreement" will be developed to specify what the Fund can be used for.

·         Board Orientation:

o   Board members/Committee Chairs will develop "Duties and Timelines".

·         Committee Reports:

o   Awards/Membership Goals: Increase membership; Increase award applications; Enhance communications with life members/retirees; Request support for NEAFCS membership and professional development participation.

o   Professional Development: Preliminary planning for 2010 Professional Development Day.  Potential theme: "Aging and Technology".

o   Public Policy/Public Relations: Promote 2010 PILD participation.

o   Ad hoc - Revenue Generation ("Living Well, More than a Cookbook"): Pre-sales orders = 106 books. MN Affiliate received $7/book = $770 to Treasure.  Motion made and passed to "Give one complimentary book to Karen Shirer and one complimentary book to Dean & Director, Bev Durgan."

·         New Business:

o   Area Reps reports: Metro = no issues or concerns; South = Send pictures and any/all information (i.e. names and dates) to Kay Lovett for NEAFCS-MN Affiliate scrapbook; North = concerns about maintaining membership.

o   Board developed 2009-10 Goals

o   Central Region Director, Peg Ehlers is asking for input about the future.  Survey will be developed for membership.

o   Board members and committee chairs will communicate to membership via the Blog.

·         Administrative Liaison Discussion:

o   Reviewed expectations for Administrative Liaison role

o   Reviewed focus of March 2010 Family Development Conference.  Potential collaboration between NEAFCS-MN Event and Conference.

o   Encourage co-workers to proceed through academic promotion process.

o   Reviewed participation in out-of-state professional development opportunities and membership support.

·         Set future NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board meeting dates.


November 4, 2009

NEAFCS-MN 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes

Oct, 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf

2009 NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Annual Meeting Minutes

Following are the minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting. For easier viewing, I encourage you to view the downloaded version. FYI: The amended budget is attached to the downloaded version of the minutes.
-- Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary

National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences - Minnesota Affiliate

Annual Meeting Agenda
October 7, 2009, 7:30-9:00 a.m.,
Crowne Plaza Hotel-St. Paul Riverfront

Call to Order: Becky Hagen Jokela, President called the meeting to order at 7:40 a.m.


Carol Ann Burtness; Suzanne Driessen; Becky Hagen Joekela; Kim Asche; Deb Botzek-Linn; Cindy M. Petersen; Lou Ann Jopp; Kelly Kunkel; Kathleen Olson; Kathleen Lovett; Kathy Brandt; Mary Caskey; Mary Schroeder; Colleen Gengler; Shirley Anderson-Porisch; Phyllis A. Onstad; Antonio Alba Meraz; Jill May; Sara VanOffelen; Jan Gilman; Sara Croymans; Ellie McCann; Lori Hendrickson; Jo Musich; Rosemary Heins; Minnell Tralle; Jennifer Garbow; Elena Yepiz; Karen Shierer

Appointments: Becky appointed the following individuals to assist:
Annual Meeting Minutes Reviewers - Sara Croymans and Lori Hendrickson
Timekeeper - Deb Botzek-Linn
Parliamentarian - Shirley Anderson-Porisch

Approval of agenda: No additions to agenda.

Welcome and introductions of guests/new members (by area reps)
North - Lori Hendrickson (no new members)
South - Kay Lovett (no new members)
Metro - Rose Allen (no new members)
Lou Ann Jopp introduced Katherine Waters, Food Science Program Leader.

Member announcements and celebrations
Rosi Heins - Husband's 1-year successful transplant anniversary
Sara Croymans - Daughter's Basic Training
Minnell Tralle - Son's wedding
Mary Caskey - Family wedding, Master's of Education degree
Jo Musich - PILD attendance
Kathy Brandt - Master's of Education degree
Kim Asche - Empty nest!

Minutes of 2008 NEAFCS Annual Meeting: Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary reviewed highlights of the 2008 Annual Meeting minutes and referred members to membership blog where minutes are posted.

Annual Report:
Becky Hagen Jokela shared highlights of the year including the 75th Anniversary celebration; NEAFCS Annual Conference in Birmingham, Alabama; May, 2009 Professional Day; review of Board meetings; Living Well Resource Book; and Awards. She referred members to the Annual Report.

Committee Reports - Suzanne Driessen, President-Elect asked for highlights from committee reports which are recorded in the Annual Report:
- Awards & Recognition/Membership by Mary Caskey
- Professional Development by Lori Hendrickson
- Public Policy/Public Relations by Kay Lovett. Jo Musich shared highlights from her 2009 PILD experience.
- 75th Anniversary/MN History/Scrapbook by Sara Croymans and reminded members to send photos and information for future scrapbooks.
- M/S/P (Cindy Petersen/Lou Ann Jopp): Accept NEAFCS-MN Affiliate 2009 Committee reports.

Committee sign-up: Suzanne Driessen, President-Elect circulated a committee sign-up sheet.

Administrative Liaison Comments: Karen Shirer, Extension Center for Family Development thanked all the members for their support during the past year and encouraged more communication in 2010.

Old Business:

President Becky Hagen Jokela and Treasurer Cindy Petersen reviewed changes made with the funds from the 2007 Tri-State Funds. Due to the economic climate, the Executive Board recommended "holding and monitoring" the funds. On August 4, 2009, $10,034.53 was transferred out of the CD into a Money Market Savings Account that compounds monthly and has a potential for rate changes which creates more flexibility for the funds. If there is future interest in moving the money into a quasi-endowment, the Executive Board will make the move.

New Business:

Election of Officers 2009-2010
- Becky Hagen Jokela, Past President reviewed that Suzanne Driessen will move to position of President
- Mary Caskey was nominated as President-Elect. M/S/P (Sara Croymans/Deb Botzek-Linn): Nominations cease and a unanimous ballot be cast for Mary Caskey for President-Elect.
- Carol Ann Burtness will fulfill the second year of her term as Secretary.

Areas Caucus: President Becky Hagen Jokela reminded members that Area Reps serve a 2-year term with no term limits. She encouraged areas to caucus and elect/select reps.
- North: Rep=Lori Hendrickson; Alternate=Jennifer Grabow
- Metro: Rep=Elena Yepiz; Alternate=Rosi Heins
- South: Rep=Kay Lovett; Alternate=Kathy Brandt

Financial Report/Proposed 2009-2010 Budget: President, Becky Hagen Jokela and Treasurer, Cindy Petersen reviewed the proposed budget. M/S/P (Shirley Anderson-Porish/Lou Ann Jopp): Accept the proposed budget with an added "Miscellaneous" line item which by doing so will create a zero balance. [See proposed budget attached to the downloaded minutes]

NEAFCS Annual Meeting Report:
- President Becky Hagen Jokela and Carol Ann Burtness were Minnesota's Voting Delegates at the 2009 NEAFCS Annual Meeting. They and Kathy Olson (NEAFCS Secretary and Chair of By-Laws Committee) shared the discussion and vote on absentee ballots for NEAFCS Annual meetings.
- Deb Botzek-Linn shared information from a Nutrition-related session she attended.
- President Becky Hagen Jokela shared Minnesota's involvement in the National Meeting including: Kathy Olson, Secretary; Shirley Anderson-Porish - NEAFCS By-Laws Committee member; and presentations conducted by Suzanne Driessen, Rosi Heins and Becky Hagen Jokela.
- Rosi Heins reported that Minnesota updated the history report of our Minnesota Affiliate and submitted a copy to NEAFCS. A copy of the submitted report is in the Annual Report.

Other Business:

Living Well Resource Book: Suzanne Driessen reviewed information about the Living Well, More than a Cookbook project initiated by NEAFCS. She shared information from the NEAFCS Committee. Jo Musich and Suzanne Driessen contributed to the book and NEAFCS-MN Affiliate submitted information about wild rice and a Wild Rice Soup recipe. M/S/P (Colleen Gengler/Kathy Brandt): Survey members to indicate interest in purchasing books individually or by office or via re-sale. By a show-of-hands, 15 members indicated interest in making individual purchases and 10 members indicated interest in re-sale. The ad-hoc committee (Rosi Heins and Lou Ann Jopp) will coordinate sales, distribution and field questions. Due to the upcoming October 15 early-order deadline, a sign-up sheet was distributed to members to indicate interest in purchases. M/S/P (Jan Gilman/Kay Lovett): The cost of re-sale books will be @ $25/book.

Awards Presentation: Mary Caskey, Awards Committee Chair, encouraged awards participation. She shared that selection and judging for awards is conducted by selected Regional Directors, retirees and past winners. Awards Committee members (Mary Caskey, Elena Yepiz, Cindy Petersen and Ellie McCann) presented awards to:

National Award Recipients
- Continued Excellence Award - Carol Ann Burtness
- Distinguished Service Award - Kimberly Asche

Central Region Award Recipients
- Communications Written Press Release - 3rd Central Region: "Avoid the Instant Tax Loan" by Shirley Anderson-Porisch
- Communications: Educational Technology - 3rd Central Region: "Understanding Underserved Audiences: Implications for Improving Programs for African American, Caucasian, Latino and Somali Audiences." Team Members: Jill May, Sara Van Offlen, Shelley Sherman, Felisha Rhodes

State Winners
- Extension Educator of the Year - Shirley Anderson-Porisch
- Program Excellence through Research - "FSNE Program Evaluation" Team Members: Kathleen Lovett, Shelley Sherman, Trina Barno, Christa Treichel
- Communications: Newsletters - "School Wellness" by Sara Van Offlen
- Communications: Educational Publication - "Healthy & Fit on the Go Travel Kit." Team Members: Jill May, Kelly Kunkel, Betsy Johnson, Trina Barno
- Food Safety - "Cooking Safely for a Crowd." Team Members: Lou Ann Jopp, Deb Botzek-Linn, Carol Ann Burtness

President Becky Hagen Jokela reviewed upcoming meetings and dates:
- MEAFCS winter board meeting (early December, 2009)
- MAEE Board retreat (Nov. 4 & 5, Camp Koinonia, Annandale)
- JCEP (February 2-4, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee)
- PILD (April 26-28, 2010, Arlington, Virginia)
- NEAFCS Annual Session (September 20 - 24, 2010, Portland, Maine)
- NEAFCS Annual Session (September 26-30 , 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico)
- President Becky Hagen Jokela presented "thank you" gifts to the Executive Board
- President-Elect Suzanne Driessen presented outgoing President Becky Hagen Jokela with a gift.
- Doorprizes for participation were presented.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary

September 8, 2009

Executive Board Minutes - August, 2009

August, 2009 Executive Board Minutes.doc

Executive Board Minutes - August, 2009


Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Monday - August 17, 2009
(10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.)
278 McNeal Hall - U of MN, St. Paul

I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect): Colleen Gengler (Past President); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Lori Hendrickson (North Rep & Professional Development Committee Rep); Rose Allen (Metro Rep & Web Author); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary). Available for report: Karen Shirer (NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Liaison).

II. Thoughts from Karen Shirer, Associate Director-Family Development & Campus Liaison to NEAFCS-MN Affiliate:
• Update on Family Development contracts and grants:
o Funding from Board on Aging with focus on care giving to develop a system of trainers and funding to manage program.
o MDA Specialty Crop Grant for Health & Nutrition to work with school foodservice to bring more fruits and vegetables into schools and extend "Farm-to-School" funding.
o Future = more funding via grants. Resources available to help with grant-writing includes Kay Anderson. Extension is in the process of hiring a grants person but Karen is uncertain about his/her role.

• Katherine Waters was recently hired as the new Food Science Program Leader for with 20% of her time as liaison between EFANS and FD
• FD is providing support to educators who are going through the academic promotion process
• Collaboration with Dept of Health & Human Services to focus on responding to the financial crisis. Emphasis: how do we (together) work more effectively with financially stressed people especially working with WorkForce Centers. A summit is planned for November 5, 2009 with opportunities for Extension Educators from many program areas to meet together with Department of Health & Human Services.
• 2011 will include major budget issues for Extension. Extension educators need to be ready to respond and ready to respond to "change".
• Karen will not attend NEAFCS Annual Conference, Birmingham due to scheduling conflicts.
• 2010 Family Development Conference in Nisswa at the end of March, 2010.
• Extension wordmark use will be "tightened up". Family Development will focus wordmark changes on new marketing pieces and publication revisions to be in compliance with U of MN Regents recommendations.
• Executive Board shared NEAFCS "Living Well Resources Book" information with Karen who suggested the Board connect with Neil Anderson for information on selling within the state. Minnesota submitted recipe, background and cultural information about wild rice. Karen suggested the membership discuss the option of selling the book as a fund-raiser for NEAFCS-MN Affiliate.

III. Secretary's Report: Secretary Carol Ann distributed the minutes from the recent Board meeting that were also submitted on the blog that included an addition from Cindy, Treasurer.

IV. Operating Business:

Finance Report: In Cindy's absence, Becky shared the current account balances and reminded Board of the recent transfer of CD balance to Savings account. Total Assets (Checking = $7,851.21 + Savings = $10,034.53) = $17,885.74 - Total Liabilities ($0) = Net Worth ($17,885.74). Banking Summary (8/13/2009): Total Income from dues, interest, registrations ($1083.87) - Total Expenses from awards, board meetings, national dues, PILD conference, Professional Development, Special Committees ($3,506.88) = Total Checking ($-2,423.01). The NEAFCS-MN Affiliate is doing okay as of mid-August.

Committee Updates: President-Elect Suzanne will be asking for annual reports from each of the committees and a list of operating guidelines for future work. The Board recommends that National Meeting attendees attend NEAFCS Committee meetings to receive up-to-date guidelines, changes and recommendations to pass along to MN Affiliate Committees.

Awards and Recognition/Membership: Suzanne shared Annual Report highlights and concerns from Committee.
Question from Committee: Can the same person or team be a MN winner more than once? Since the application can continue to go forward to national until the applications wins, what is MN's policy? M/S/P (Suzanne and Lori): Executive Board approves the Awards Committee's recommendations [Applicants would need to apply each year; applicants can win the same category more than once provided they meet the eligibility and criteria requirements; applicant would only receive the award statue once; certificate/s would be given for applicants winning the same category (with the same program) more than once.]

Committee developed judging criteria for CEA and DSA Awards.

Professional Development: No report available.

Public Policy/Public Relations: Committee Chair Kay provided a report.
Toni Smith is developing a piece to help members tell our story to stakeholders.
Committee members are uncertain about committee expectations and work. Board recommended Committee review recent NEAFCS survey results when available for potential direction. Kay is hoping to transition out of Chair role.

V. Old Business:

CD Discussion: Board reviewed recent transition of money from CD (National Meeting Tri-State Funds) to Savings Account. Board will monitor.

PILD Report: Jo Musich attended 2009 PILD and is currently developing a report with pictures and will post on the blog.

VI. New Business:

NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Annual Meeting Plans:
• Board reviewed plans for Extension Fall Conference (October 5, 6, 7) and NEAFCS/MAEE meetings at Crowne Plaza Hotel, St. Paul.
o Monday, October 5 = MAEE Meeting (6-7:30 p.m.)
o Tuesday, October 6 = Awards banquet (6:30-9:00 p.m. in Windows-on-the-River on the top floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel). Karen Shirer will be NEAFCS-MN Affiliate guest.
o Wednesday, October 7 = Section Meeting (7:30-9:00 a.m.). Breakfast will be available to meeting participants. Lori and Becky will brainstorm on ways to motivate members to attend meeting!
• Colleen shared current nomination for President-Election (Mary Caskey) and will also ask for nominations from the floor.
• Area Reps:
o North Area: Lori completed 1 year and Jennifer is alternate
o Metro Area: Rose completed 2 years and no alternate. Area will identify new rep at Annual Meeting.
o South Area: Kay completed 1 year and Kelly is alternate.
• Board reviewed current budget to begin developing the 2009-2010 budget. Becky, Cindy, Colleen and Suzanne will develop budget.
o Board suggested that Budget Committee review potential membership which may help determine future income.
o Board discussed potential income generation possibilities (e.g. sell NEAFCS Living Well Resource Book to members and lifetime members and others).
• Annual Report will be developed by Becky and Suzanne and will include a month-by-month review.
• Annual Business agenda items to come before total membership:
o Review NEAFCS Living Well Resource Book, identify interest, ask for committee members and coordinator, discuss amount of time and effort from MN Affiliate
o Presentation of awards
o Elections
o Committee Reports/Highlights and Committee sign-up

NEAFCS 2009 Annual Conference:
• September 14-18 at Birmingham, Alabama. Attendees: Becky, Suzanne, Carol Ann, Debbie, Kathy B., Kathy O., Lou Ann, Rosi.
• Voting delegates: Becky and Carol Ann will contact membership about voting issues for feedback.
• State Night-Out Coordinator: Becky will follow-up with attendees
• Silent Auction item ideas were discussed. Becky will contact membership (current and lifetime) for ideas.
• NEAFCS Living Well Resource Book update:
o MN submitted Wild Rice Soup, history and cultural information about American Indian culture and MN Affiliate history.
o Board recommends MN have a Resource Book Coordinator to keep track of/coordinate sales. Becky and Lori will follow up with Neal Anderson and develop ideas for the coordinator role. Becky will follow-up with the NEAFCS Resource Book Committee Chair about resale questions.

Extension 100-Year Celebration: Lori will represent NEAFCS-MN Affiliate at the September 3 Celebration for every U of MN group/membership.

Blog use: Kim suggested we provide an opportunity for membership updates (i.e. information, congratulations, condolences, celebrations, etc.). Board recommends we add this topic to Annual Meeting agenda and discuss blog use.

By-Laws: The 2009-2010 Executive Board will review NEAFCS-MN Affiliate By-Laws for updates or revisions.

VII. Future Board Meeting Dates:

• NEAFCS Annual Conference: Birmingham, AL - 9/15-9/19
• U of MN Extension Fall Conference and NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Annual Meeting: St. Paul - 10/5-7

VIII. Adjourn - 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully recorded,
Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary

August 4, 2009

Slight Edit to July 28 Executive Board Notes

Cindy Petersen, Treasurer shares a slight edit to the July 28 Executive Board "Special" Meeting notes:

In bullet #3, it should read "the CD earned 3.25% interest over the past 10 months ending August 3, 2009. Over the next 10 months, the interest would be .25% ending on June 3, 2010.

Thanks Cindy for catching the details!

-- Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary

August 3, 2009

Executive Board (Special) Minutes - July, 2009

July 2009 Special Executive Board mtg.doc


Executive Board "Special" Meeting Minutes
Tuesday - July 28, 2009
Conference Call

I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Colleen Gengler (Past President); Lori Hendrickson (North Rep & Professional Development Committee Rep); Cindy Petersen (Treasurer); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary).

II. Call meeting to order: President Becky called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

III. Business:
The NEAFCS-MN CD matures August 3 and Treasurer, Cindy asked for a recommendation:

• Becky reviewed the history of the current CD: At the 2008 Annual Meeting, the membership voted to set up a Quasi-Endowment from the Tri-State Funds to supplement the budget and ultimately provide more professional development for members. $10,000 is the minimum amount needed to set up the fund. To find a temporary "location" for the money and help reach the minimum ($10,000), the Board directed the Treasurer to set up a short-term CD which matures on August 3. Currently CD balance = $9770.20 (NOTE: 3rd quarter interest is not added to this balance).

• Becky reviewed comments and numbers from Matt Musel Associate Director of Development for U of MN Foundation: Over the past year, the MN Foundation accounts had approximately 21% loss of investments although national losses were 30-35%. The current third quarter Foundation accounts are looking positive with an approximate .06% gain that indicates the economy is stabilizing. Matt does not have updated numbers until early August.

• Board discussed possible options: Keep the CD as-is for another 10 months (earned approximately .25% over last 10 months); Roll over into a different CD at a different institution (bank or credit union) which may have higher interest rate; Create a savings account (may allow more flexibility if funds are needed); Move to interest-earning MAEE checking account (any earned interest will go to MAEE).

• Discussion focused around where/how to gain best return for investment; flexibility for access to funds and the ease for monitoring the account by a new Treasurer.

• The Board directed Cindy (Treasurer) to put the CD balance into a savings account until further notice. The Board will monitor the account according to the market movement and will decide when the balance exceeds $10,000 to move the monies into a Quasi-Endowment.

• Board also discussed what to do with excess monies if the interest yields a balance greater than $10,000. At this point, the goal will be to maintain the budget and keep professional development opportunities viable for the membership.

President-Elect Nominees:
• Colleen is in the process of contacting potential president-elect nominees for the 2009-10 slate of officers. She will make personal contacts before September.

2009 MAEE/Sections Annual Meeting:
• In preparation for an upcoming planning meeting, Cindy shared tentative plans for the schedule and ideas for the Annual MAEE Banquet and asked opinions about entertainment suggestions.

IV. Future Board Meeting Dates
• August 17, 2009 - Face-to-face Executive Board Meeting (Agenda items: Endowment CD decision review; 2009-10 slate of officers; Annual Meeting plans; Committee Updates; etc.)

• NEAFCS Annual Conference (Alabama) - September 15-19, 2009. 8-9 members have indicated they will attend.

• MN Annual Meeting - October 5-7, 2009.

V. Adjourn: 2:40 p.m.

May 26, 2009

Executive Board Minutes - May, 2009


Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday - May 12, 2009
Conference Call

I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect); Rose Allen (Metro Rep & Web Author); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Colleen Gengler (Past President); Lori Hendrickson (North Rep & Professional Development Committee Rep); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary).

II. Call meeting to order: President Becky called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.

III. Business:
Professional Development Day/75th Anniversary Celebration Highlights (May 1 – Student Center, U of MN Campus – St. Paul):
• The Board shared many positive comments about the Day and the member participation.
• Becky formally “thanked” the Professional Development and the 75th Anniversary Committees for their work and involvement of the Day.
• Lori Hendrickson, representing the Professional Development Committee, indicated that preliminary responses from the recent survey sent to participants were positive.

PILD (Public Issues and Leadership Development Conference) Representation:
• Jo Musich represented NEAFCS-MN Affiliate at the April 27-29 PILD conference in Washington D. C. Becky reported that Jo learned a lot from her experience and has plans to share information via the Blog to the membership.

Committee updates: President-Elect Suzanne indicated that Committee chairs/members are uncertain about their responsibilities and need clearer guidelines. She volunteered to glean information from past work and the NEAFCS Committee Guidelines to develop clearer committee guidelines. This information will be available through the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Operating Procedures.

Professional Development:
• Committee will develop a report about the recent Professional Development Day (May 1) after compiling the survey results.

Awards/Early Career Award:
• Committee recently shared MN award results with the membership and is awaiting Regional and National results. The Board acknowledged the MN award-winners and extended “Congratulations”.
• When reviewing award applications, Suzanne reported that the committee had some challenges: Committee did not have enough criteria to make a decision when reviewing the DSA applications; and needed more clarification about the number of times individuals can receive state and national awards. The Committee will work with the NEAFCS Award Committee for clearer criteria and guidelines.

• Current membership = 33 paid members.

Public Policy/Public Relations:
• Kay, Committee Chair, shared that Toni Smith is preparing information for the membership on effective suggestions for sharing program information with state/national legislators.

NEAFCS Living Well Reference Book:
• Becky shared that the NEAFCS Board voted to proceed with the Reference Book process to generate revenue. From the book sales, money will be returned to NEAFCS and a portion will also be available to the states. The NEAFCS Committee shared an example: If books are sold at $25/book, $7.50 will be available to NEAFCS and $5.00 will be available to the state. At this time, NEAFCS is loosely recommending that each member sell 4-5 books.
• Each member is encouraged to contribute recipes or reference information by May 25. Please check recent NEAFCS correspondence.
• Each state is encouraged to provide a contribution (recipes and/or information) by May 29. The Executive Board recommended that the Minnesota contribute the Wild Rice information sheet and recipe information that was developed for the Wild Rice Revenue Generation Project 2006-2007. Kay and Becky will review the information before sending off to NEAFCS.
• Project Contacts: Regional = Amy Peterson (Regional Director). Minnesota = Suzanne. The goal of NEAFCS, the Regional Director and state contact is to make the project easy and streamlined.

President-Elect Nominees:
• Colleen asked for potential president-elect names for the 2009-10 slate of officers. She will make personal contacts before September.

IV. Future Board Meeting Dates
• August 17, 2009 – Face-to-face Executive Board Meeting (Agenda items: Endowment CD decisions; 2009-10 slate of officers; Annual Meeting plans; Committee Updates; etc.)
• NEAFCS Annual Conference (Alabama) – September 15-19, 2009. Presentations by: Rosi & Becky = DollarWorks; Becky & Lori = Multi-Generational Financial Issues; Suzanne = Produce Survey Results. Attendees: Becky, Suzanne, Rosi, Lori, Debbi, Lou Ann
• MN Annual Meeting – October 12-13, 2009? Dean Durgan and Associate Directors will make a decision about the Fall Professional Development after the state Legislature ends.

V. Adjourn: 10:40 a.m.

March 26, 2009

NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Executive Board Minutes


Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Conference Call

I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect); Rose Allen (Metro Rep & Web Author); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Colleen Gengler (Past President); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary). Available for reports: Karen Shier (MEAFCS Liaison; Mary Caskey (Membership/Awards Committee Chair); Sara Croymans (75 Anniversary Committee Co-Chair).

II. Call the meeting to order: President Becky called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

III. Business:
JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) Conference Report:
• Becky shared information and reflections from the recent JCEP workshop held in San Diego.
• Keynote: "Ethics in Today's Extension World". We are all living in a busy, constant world and leaders can and do have positive effect on ethics. Need to focus on doing the right thing at the right place. One of the ethical challenges faced by Extension educators is individual decisions meshing with organizational decisions. Extension is also faced with making impacts along with meeting needs of clientele which may present ethical issues.
• State-Sharing: Many states are facing and dealing with budget issues. Many states are utilizing various forms of technology to meet as an organization and conduct educational programming. Many states are trying to maintain current staff and recruit new members to the association.
• NEAFCS is proposing a project to promote NEAFCS and generate revenue for states and the national association. Project: develop a cookbook ($25) with resource information for consumers with each state providing recipes and consumer information. Lots of discussion at JCEP - positive and negative. The NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board discussed the project. Becky will share information with the membership via blog and generate comments.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Cindy had sent a report of the current financial status of the organization.
• Net Worth (3/4/09): Total Assets ($18,051.25) - Total Liabilities ($0) = Net Worth ($18,051.25). Banking Summary (3/4/08): Total Income ($200.00) - Total Expenses ($2,457.50) = Total Checking (-$2,257.50).

Committee updates: President-Elect Suzanne encouraged committees to provide feedback about their work.

Professional Development: Suzanne shared information from the Committee:
• Professional Development Day will be held May 1. Theme: Diversity. Agenda will include a panel discussion; Celebration of the 75th Anniversary; Sharing of the recent Mexico and Brazil trips by members.

Awards/Early Career Award: Committee Chair, Mary Caskey provided a report.
• As of March 5, 10 awards in a variety of areas were submitted for review. Final day for awards is March 6. Additional information will come from the committee.

Membership: Mary Caskey reported on current membership.
• Current: 32 members.

Public Policy/Public Relations: Committee Chair, Kay Lovett provided a report.
• The Committee is developing a fact sheet or talking points to share with members when visiting/talking with state/federal legislators. The Board encouraged the Committee to develop the materials and attach to the association's blog.

75th Anniversary Committee: Committee Co-Chair: Sara Croymans provided a report.
• A sub-committee (Kim Asche, Jan Gilman, Phyllis Onstad) is planning a celebration at the May 1 Professional Development Day. Retirees will be invited and a time for sharing will be planned.
• Shirley and Rosi are compiling a written history. If you have any photos or information, please send them to Rosi and Shirley.
• Rosi is reviewing old scrapbooks and developing a timeline.

Minnesota Representative at PILD (April 27-29, Washington D.C.):
• Jo Musich will represent Minnesota. Becky reviewed the finances to support the trip. $500 is available from Dean Durgan for financial support. Becky asked if monies allocated for the Pres-Elect to attend JCEP which were not utilized, to be for financial support. M/S/P (Carol Ann and Rose): $500 from NEAFCS-MN Affiliate be allocated to support Jo Musich's attendance at PILD. The money will come from the budgeted $650 for the President-Elect to attend JCEP. Becky will share the information with Jo.

Dues Payment Policy:
• The Board discussed membership, committee involvement and dues payment. Becky will review the discussion with the Membership Committee and ask them to follow-up.

IV. Thoughts from Karen Shirer, Associate Director-Family Development and Campus Liaison to NEAFCS-MN Affiliate:
• Family Development Conference - March 23-25. Theme = How do we respond to the economic crisis? This is a staff inservice that will provide background information; suggestions for modifying our education to meet the needs of crisis/change; evaluation; strategic prioritizing; how to be flexible during this crisis; program area meetings; and "a little bit of fun".
• Strategic Priorities: Sharing at the March conference with priorities for the next 1-2 years.
• Performance Appraisals in the Future: Align performance process with promotion criteria. No raises for this year - questionable about raises for next year.
• Budget: The federal stimulus monies will have a positive impact on the state budget. For now, Karen doesn't know the budget for next year but the administrative council is encouraged to look at 5-8% scenarios which will contribute to some "pain" with some changes we will like and some we won't like.
• Question from Board to Karen: How do we support each other during this budget crisis? Karen is reading a book ("Fear and other Unintended Requests". There are opportunities that can come about with change. This is a time to look for positives (i.e. Dean Durgan is very good at managing finances).
• Question from Board to Karen: How do we position ourselves with our partners? Look at our current collaborations and partnerships and look for new or creative partnering. The current Farm Bill includes 40% going for agriculture programs and 60% going for Food Stamp program which may yield more educational programming opportunities for Extension.
• Karen was encouraged to add information to the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate blog.
• She encouraged the planning committee for the May 1 Professional Development to contact her for help and support.

V. Future Board Meeting Dates
• May 12, 2009 - Conference Call
• August 17, 2009 - Face-to-face
• NEAFCS Annual Conference (Alabama) - September 15-19, 2009
• MN Annual Meeting - ?October 12-13, 2009?

VI. Adjourn: 10:35 p.m.

December 15, 2008

Executive Board Minutes - December 5, 2008

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December 11, 2008

MEAFCS Minutes: 10-7-07

MEAFCS Annual Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2007 -- 6:15 p.m.
Earl Brown Conference Center

The Awards Committee (Kathy Brandt, Glenice Johnson, Mary Caskey & Jo Musich) presented the following state/MEAFCS Awards. Several had also received regional and/or national, as indicated after each award:
• NEAFCS Distinguished Service Award – Glenice Johnson
• NEAFCS Continued Excellence Award – Colleen Gengler
• Florence Hall Award – Keeping Kids from Falling Short – Health & Nutrition: Mary Caskey, Kimberly Asche, Christina Barno, Marla Reicks, DeeAnn Leines, Sara Van Offlen and Lori Roth-Yousey.
• Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award – Debt Know How – Family Resource Management: Cindy Petersen, Patricia D. Olson, Jean Bauer & Patrick Dwyer.
• Mary M. Wells Memorial Diversity Award – Minnesota Latino Financial Literacy Program – Family Resource Management: Phyllis Onstad, Patricia Olson, Shirley Anderson-Porisch, Jan Gilman, Antonio Alba, Gabriela Burk, Jose Lamas, Memory Roberts, Kris Anderson, and Sam Schuth (Central Regional)
• Communications Written Press Release – Youth Spending Power – Sara Croymans (Central Regional)
• Communications Educational Curriculum Package Award – Organizing Your Important Papers – Family Resource Management: Glenice Johnson, Mary Anderson, Becky Hagen Jokela, Rosi Heins, Sue Hooper, Phyllis Onstad, Cindy Petersen, Sharon Danes and Marlene Stum (National & Regional)
• Communications Educational Publications Award – Teen Talk: Teens and Meth Fact Sheet – Ellie McCann (National and Regional)
• Communications Internet Education Technology Award – What’s new with Teens and Their Families? Family Relations (Team Award): Colleen Gengler, Kathleen Olson and Jodi Dworkin (National & Regional)
• Marketing Package – Family Relations Marketing Package (Team Award): Minnell Tralle, Rose Allen, Colleen Gengler, Ellie McCann, Joanne Musich, Kathleen Olson, Patricia Stoppa, Joel Dickinson and Andrew Brinkman (Regional)
• Community Partnership Award – Marshall Financial Empowerment Collaborative – Family Resource Management – Shirley Anderson-Porisch; and 15 community members
• Friend of MEAFCS – Kristina Wright, MN Credit Union Network

The meeting was called to order by President Elect Colleen Gengler. President Kathy Olson was unable to preside due to family commitments relating to her mother’s death this morning.

Present at the meeting:

1. Sara Croymans
2. Ellie McCann
3. Rose Allen
4. Lori Hendrickson
5. Becky Hagen Jokela
6. Susan Hooper
7. Cindy Petersen
8. Rosemary Heins
9. Glenice Johnson
10. Suzanne Driessen
11. Kathy Brandt
12. Deb Botzek-Linn
13. Carol Ann Burtness
14. Phyllis Onstad
15. Shirley Anderson-Porisch
16. Mary Schroeder
17. Mary Caskey
18. Shelly Sherman
19. Joanne Musich
20. Minnell Tralle
21. Colleen Gengler
22. Kay Lovett
23. Jan Gilman

Colleen appointed the following:
Annual Meeting Minutes Reviewers: Cindy Petersen & Glenice Johnson
Timekeeper: Lori Hendrickson
Parliamentarian: Shirley Anderson-Porisch

Agenda Approval: Shelly Sherman moved and Jo Musich second to approve the agenda

Welcome and Introductions of Guests/new members (by area reps)

Member announcements, celebrations:
• Rosi Hein introduced Shelly Sherman who is new to the association.
• Shirley Anderson-Porisch introduced Mary Schroeder who is returning to the association.
• Jo Musich introduced Ellie McCann who has returned to the association.
• Phyllis Onstad introduced Antonio Alba & Gabriella Burke as guests.

Minutes of 2006 Annual Meeting – Sara Croymans moved & Shirley Anderson-Porisch second to accept the minutes of the September 27, 2006 MEAFCS Annual Meeting Minutes.

Annual Report
Highlight of President’s Report – Colleen indicated Kathy’s report was printed in the annual report packet.
Committee Reports (as printed in the Annual Report) – Colleen Gengler
• Awards & Recognition/Membership – Glenice Johnson mentioned that Mary Caskey had provided leadership for the development of a packet for new membership and to assign a mentor to new members. Glenice moved acceptance of the Awards & Recognition/Membership report. The committee was congratulated on the increase in members.
• Professional Development - Becky Hagen Jokela
• Public Policy /Public Relations – Jan Gilman reported they had worked on the day at the capital. She moved that the committee report be accepted.
• Fundraising – Cindy Petersen reported that there are 39 bags of rice to sell yet. We sold $1447 at the NEAFCS Conference. She has sold 70 bags since. $1390.48 expenses; profit $644.42 ; $394 in proceeds from spring auction; earned over the $1000 goal for the year. She moved that the committee report be accepted. Deb Botzek Lyn asked if we had submitted expenses to NEAFCS for the wild rice sold in Denver. Rosi Hein & Kathy Olson will deal with that as they wrap up items from the annual session. Glenice moved and Ellie second that rice be sold tomorrow during the box lunch distribution and the MAEE meeting for 1/$6 or 2/$10. Motion passed
• Annual Session – Rosi indicated that she and Kathy Olson developed the report printed in the annual report. Rosi thanked everyone for their support and work at the annual session. She moved the report be accepted. There was a question on what happens with the funds in the tri-state committee. Rosi indicated the tri-state committee will address that issue. Colleen presented Rosi with a framed picture of Rosi & Kathy in recognition of being co-liaison of the annual session. Colleen also had a framed photo for Kathy.

Committee sign-up – Colleen Gengler circulated a sign up for the three standing committees. Fund raising was not included on the sign up due to it being an ad hoc committee. Committees are:
• Professional Development: Minnell Tralle, Suzanne Driessen, Lori Hendrickson, Mary Schroeder
• Awards & Membership: Kathy Brandt (chair for membership), Mary Caskey (chair for awards), Rosi Heins, Cindy Petersen, Ellie McCann
• Public Policy/Public Relations: Kay Lovett and Jan Gilman

Administrative Liaison Report – Colleen shared that Karen Shirer expressed her regrets for having to leave early and not having a report.

There was no old business.

New Business
Election of Officers 2007-2008
• On behalf of Kim Asche, Nominating Committee, Colleen presented the following slate of officers:
o President – Colleen Gengler
o President Elect/VP – Becky Hagen-Jokela
o Secretary – Sara Croymans (one additional year)
o Past President – Kathleen Olson
• Cindy Petersen moved and Glenice Johnson second to cast a unanimous ballot for the President, President Elect/VP and Secretary. The motion passed
• The following were identified as Area Representatives – Two Year Terms
o North: Jo Musich (2nd year), alternate: to be named
o Metro: Rose Allen, alternate: Sue Hooper
o South: Shirley Anderson-Porisch (2nd year), Kathy Brandt

Finance Committee Report/Proposed 2007-2008 Budget – Colleen Gengler reported that Kathy Olson worked with Tim Arlt, MAEE Treasurer, on the budget numbers. The board worked to match the budget up with the policies and procedures at their August board meeting. Kay Lovett moved and Jan Gilman second to accept the budget. Minnell recommended that depending on the amount of funds we receive from the national tri-state committee our organization should reconsider reinstating funding PILD. Motion passed.

Proposed Constitution/By Law Changes – Shirley Anderson-Porisch shared that she, Roselyn Biermaier and Kathy Brandt reviewed the constitution and by laws and presented suggestions to the board at the August board meeting.
• Phyllis Onstad moved and Jan Gilman second to accept the proposed changes on the constitution. Motion passed Rosi Heins and Sue Hooper moved to accept the proposed changes on the by laws. Motion passed.
• Glenice Johnson moved and Rose Allen moved to accept Section 4 of the Bylaws. Motion carried. Shirley also described the proposed information in policies – finance, organizational and amending. Rosi Hein moved and Kay Lovett second to accept the Finance Policy as written. Motion carried. Rosi Heins moved and Cindy Petersen second to accept the Organizational and Amending Policy as written. Motion passed.

• NEAFCS Annual Meeting Report –Colleen Gengler
o Colleen shared that at the Tuesday morning forum the officers talked about the strategic planning process. This will be ongoing over the next year. There was a budget discussion. Colleen indicated the annual meeting session was very formal.

• Other business
o Deb Botzek Lyn wanted to recognize Kim Asche and Pat Stumme’s contributions to the MEAFCS organization. Kim will continue her membership in our organization.
o Glenice and team donated the $50 check which the Financial Security in Later Life team had received for their National Communications Educational Curriculum Package Award for Organizing Your Important Papers, to the MEAFCS account.
o Minnell shared specifics on Kathy Olson’s Mother’s funeral arrangements.
o Door prizes were drawn:
 Lori Hendrickson- cook book
 Jan Gilman – cookbook
 Mary Schroeder – Fiskars Scissor
 Mary Caskey – Nasco food safety ball
o Colleen sent around a basket of cards for each member from Kathy Olson.
o Colleen distributed gifts from Kathy for the past board members. Colleen also had a gift for Kathy Olson as the outgoing president.

• MEAFCS Winter board meeting: a MEAFCS representative will be determined by email among board members
• MAEE retreat: November 7-8
• Galaxy III, Sept. 15-19, Indianapolis, Indiana

Colleen adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm.

Minutes by Sara Croymans, Secretary

April 15, 2008

Minutes - March 26, 2008 membership meeting

The Minnesota Affiliate of NEAFCS membership met on March 26, 2008 at Riverwood Conference Center. Here are the minutes from this meeting:

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December 14, 2007

December 6, 2006 Executive Board Minutes

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