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Communication Can Be Misinterpreted Using New Technology

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In this class we have done a lot of studying on how to research and study communication, but with all this you still have to keep this big factor in your mind, that communication can be misinterpreted, and with all this new technology it is becoming easier to misinterpret the data.

As advertisers and marketers always want to know is how are people buying things. With the world of technology that we live in now, it is no longer just simply by going to the store and buying a product. New research shows that people are buying products more and more either online or on their mobile device. THis is valuable information as marketers can use it to better suite a product, or a purchase to these new ways of shopping.

This is a great example of why research has to always be done or companies will be left behind on how consumers are going about their shopping.

Government Goes After Prediction Markets and Research

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This is interesting news, as the majority of research done in marketing and advertising is predictions. To predict how the customer will act, if they will buy a certain product and so on. With the last election, of course there was plenty of prediction research being done, to see who would win. Well of course, research isnt grounded and isnt scientific fact, just based on good research. You cant always get 100% confidence level. But this has upset some people in office.

Well, this is quite saddening. People seem to bully those that excel in anything outside of sports. Its a sad state for younger children in school. A research done in the UK has shown that more kids are hiding their talents so they wont be bullied. This is a shame, they should be using those talents and become better at what they're already good at, but alas the fear of being excluded in always great

U of M Research helps U.S. Forest Service

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U.s> Forest service has turned to the aid of the U of M. Using they're research that they have done on emerald ash borer to help combat the disease next year.

"These studies are funded by a grant from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). According to MDA Biological Control Coordinator Monika Chandler, the researchers' work will be important in helping direct biological control efforts against Minnesota's EAB infestations."

Research: Megaupload Shutdown Impacted Box Office Sales

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It was big news for the internet when the giant site was shut down by the FBI. The reasoning of course, the site was prosecuted for hosting illegal copywrited properties, such as movies and music. This, of course was done because of the big push by hollywood to crack down on file sharing. However, recent research has shown even though the biggest site of file sharing was shutdown, box office sails have gone down, and didnt actually hinder file sharing and sales still went down. Hmmm, maybe hollywood needs to rethink their business model instead of fighting new methods.,19318.html

Irelend spend 5M Euros on cloud computing research

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Cloud computing is the future. No longer will people have to worry about losing their files if their computer crashes. But not many companies are making a huge push towards this. Irelend, however is spending a lot of money to conduct research on future possibilities of cloud computing

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