Online Research: Don't Confuse More With Better

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Now that the internet has a firm grasp in society and becoming a huge media outlet, it has become also a powerful research tool.

But Like many other research tools, you have to make sure you are getting quality information, even if you are doing quantitative research. As a researcher, you have to look out for some of the downsides of using the internet as your tool to gather data, and find ways to combat its cons.

"nadequate quality control. Is it easier to lie online? Sending researchers out into the field has become increasingly rare. Too many companies now skip the vital qualitative research that's essential to the design of valid quantitative research instruments and helps ensure that survey data will be meaningful. Omitting this important first step makes it impossible to ensure that the data collected are "clean," that all respondents are unique and qualified, and that they're taking the time to answer with care rather than simply "straight-lining." "

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