September 5, 2008

Reflective value of blogs

I mentioned in my reply to Crystal that I had decided to use Uthink because I had set up a blog for a class I took prior to this one. This previous class was Online Communities and I decided to go back and read my comments. It was very interesting and helpful to read these past posts. I can remember my struggle to find the right role for asynchronous versus synchronous discussions as well as blogs. I was also taking a completely online course at the same time and in my posts I'm constantly compairing the experience with the use of technology in the two courses.

While this has been a very useful experience for me, I sort of forgot that I had this blog until we set one up for this class. As Scott points out, use of reflection is such a powerful tool to help us make sense of what we are doing and why in the moment. But I wonder how often we go back and review our past reflections. I wonder if any of you ever have your students revisit their reflections and how this activity impacts learning?