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first descriptions of learning community

For a class I'm taking, Epsy 5101 Creativity and Intelligentce, we must communicate online with an assigned group. Every two weeks we have a different topic and rotate the moderator role. The moderator is also responsible for summarizing the main points of the group and posting it to a common room for the the other groups to read. My group is a very diverse community - engineers, school counselors, educators, scientists - all coming together to better understand what creativity is, how we can foster it and what its purpose is.

The current discussion has focused on the definition of creativity and the idea that all people are creative - maybe the expression of creativity is environment or problem specific. One person described an experience from the 5th grade that really changed the way she thought of herself as a thinker and problem solver - so as a group we all agreed that single events from childhood can have profound effects on how we see ourselves and the creative chances we are willing to take.

I'm excited about my group. We are still getting to "know" each other and this is causing our comments to be a little guarded - although I thought the person sharing her 5th grade experience really helped us all open up a bit more.

As I menioned, we rotate moderators every two weeks. I'm curious to find out when I'm the moderator if the experience is different. I'm also interested to see if the summaries of the other groups and if I find that I feel a part of that "larger community" as well.

I think it's interesting that this part of the course is not necessarily to create community - but rather to provide another way to discuss course material. I wonder if one needs to intentionally try to create community before it is truly successful - or is it better to let it develop naturally?
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