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online community with 5323

We had our second online, synchronous class for 5323. Fortunately, I had less technical trouble this time - since I knew not to log in as myself, but as my husband from our home computer. This week we had the discussion questions before-hand which was very helpful and also had our first online community exemplar presentation.

Chat Discussions
The discussion we had about the readings (in a small group (assigned) and with an assigned moderator) went a little bit better this week, although I really coming to the conclusion that chat is not an effective way to debate/discussion complex ideas. Poor typing skills, disjointed responses all make for a very chaotic and ineffective discussion experience. I find I'm de-motivated by this option. This is such important information for me, since I hope to implement some of the strategies we use in 5323 into my own courses. It's been truly great to have this opportunity to try things out and determine the advantages and disadvantages.

The readings have also been really great! I feel as though everything we have read so far was written specifically to help me - for both designing courses, faciliating courses, and conducting educational research.

Exemplar Presentation from DeFoe, Hauer and Smith
The exemplar presentations were really impressive. I think having too many examples to cover dilutes the impact. I would have liked to have spent more time on one example - and the chat discussion for my assigned exemplar group was really ineffective - maybe if we had had more time, it would have been better. I did get the feeling we were just sort of starting to get some converstation momentum when we had to go back to the common room.

We present next week!
My group presents next week and it's always a little nerve racking to follow a great presentation. My group has a great idea, though very different from this week's presentation - which I think is good. It will be nice to have a contrast of topics.

Well, off to grade and write exams...