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What happened in March?

5101 and March
Well...where do I begin. This is what happens if you neglect your duties...

Second Group Discussion assignment - 5101
For our second assignment group discussion for 5101 I was the moderator - and I really liked that role. We had a lively discussion and I tried to use the facilitator roles I had learned about in 5323. I was very pleased with myself and was confident we as a group had arrived at insightful conclusions. Well, one can imagine my surprise when we were docked points! Because I am constantly contacted by students bargaining for 0.5 point here, etc. it took me a lot of thinking before I contacted MY TA...I think the fact that we were docked points was concerning to me mostly because I was the person to summarize our discussion and submit it. I couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for the less than perfect grade and I really thought we had an excellent discussion. Well, the TA emailed me back right away and provided me with her grading rubric. There was something specific we had not included.

I posted an explanation for my group and also apologized. I had this image of them all sitting at their computer, waving their fists in the air as they checked their grades...but, they have all been very gracious. We have just started our third group discussion assignment.