This ended up being more of an educational experimentation exercise than a tastiest cookie creation exercise...but I can now share a few lessons that may benefit the public at large! I thought the result was creative for the process it took to get to the end result, and the fact that I have never had a cookie with popcorn and coffee in it (tasty!).

The end result here was the Salty Mocha Popcorn Pop:

...But I first had to get through this:

My original vision was to find a way to create a moldable, solidifying structure using some mix of ingredients...and a blowtorch. The blowtorch was partially motivated by my lack of proper oven access. I started with a basic no-bake cookie recipe of 1 cup sugar, a pinch of salt, 1.5 cup oats, 0.5 teaspoon vanilla, and melted (via blowtorch) chocolate chips to desired consistency. I thought about using the peanut butter I had, as suggested by the recipe, but it seemed like a bad idea if I wanted solidifying structure since it was natural peanut butter and contained lots of oil.

From there, I did some experimentation with ingredients. I thought pretzel sticks would work well for a skeleton with the sticky batter I had made. This lead me to see if I could build up a human form. Unfortunately, the batter was too soft while it was sticky enough to adhere to the pretzels. So, naturally, I tried to torch the batter to see if I could "bake" it to solidification...It mostly got burnt and melted:

The apparatus shown was built as a custom piece for this project.

Since that seemed to flop, and since I was already using the torch, I decided it would be neat if I could pop popcorn in the batter to get that explosive flavor right in the batter (I was also thinking it would make for a good battle scene if I was successful with the human form making)...this lead to more fire and a very disappointing "popping" of the kernels:

More torch experimentation with adding oil and breadcrumbs ensued, with less than successful results (yes, I was a little torch-happy) As it was getting late, coffee sounded pretty desirable. So, why not, coffee was now an ingredient. From the popcorn and the pretzels and the lack of bacon fat that may have been tasty with the sage, I came up with what I found to be a satisfying end product. The Salty Mocha Popcorn Pop was born from finding that mixing the popped popcorn in the batter was a pretty great texture, using the pretzel sticks as a handle, and adding coffee (which is not bacon, but still seems to make everything better...when you are tired enough).

As a final attempt at finding an actually useful use for the torch, I thought I could try and form more spherical pop tops...more burning and melting:
photo (2).jpg

Final recipe:
1 cup sugar, pinch of salt, 1.5 cup oats, 0.5 teaspoon vanilla, melted (probably not via blowtorch) dark chocolate chips to desired consistency (half cup maybe), coffee grounds (amount varies with level of tiredness), pretzel sticks, popcorn, and love...or other, more disappointed in torch performance emotions.


Hi Rory:
Interesting attempts. I think you are very creative to think about baking cookies without an oven. Besides, your final use of popcorn as your main materials is extremely funny. Your baking environment is different from normal kitchen which might be a good thing to your inspiration! I actually tasted your cookie during class yesterday (because your cookies are highly recognizable) they taste really good. However, I would say if you improve your cookies look (make them look prettier or less messy) I will give more credits to your final product! Also maybe use smaller pictures and be aware of the picture layouts, then I am pretty sure your post will be even more fun to read!
Annika (Qun) Yan


I find your approach to baking "the cookies" is very interesting and different from what I would normally read in a cookie recipe. I can defiantly see that the failed attempts lead you to a creative solution. so never give up :)
However, I disagree with Annika's comment about the baking environment. I would suggest baking in a more "cooking friendly environment" especially if your final product is going to be tested by people other than you! I have tried your cookies, but if I saw the blog post I think I would rethink trying them.
The environment looks very interesting and possibly inspiring in a different way, but maybe not if you are sharing the cookies.
I also think that your approach to selecting the ingredients is creative. It seems like you choose to embrace your process very well..

I hope this helps!

and yes, it was a yummy cookie!



Your cookies end up taste really good. Like Annika said, the design or your cookies looked different from anyone else and is highly recognizable. I think the lack of your proper oven access have really lead you into a world of creativity, baking cookies with blowtorch is already a creative idea. It's interesting to see your failed attempt and how you move on from your over burned kernels. It's understandable that the cookie will look a bit messy when it's made out of melted chocolate, but if you could present your cookies on a clean aluminum foil sheet, I think more people will want to try your "stand-up cookies".


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