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To explore a structural approach to creativity, I first explored how people might SCAMPER about in the winter. Specific to winter biking, what better archetype than the bicycle? The bicycle applies, obviously, to either of my problem statements:

Mike (the anti-enthusiast) needs a way to feel confident in biking in the winter because he fears being cold and the potential dangers.
Guy (the guy behind the counter at VB&T) needs a way to keep aware of his surroundings because he is forced to bike close to traffic in unsafe conditions.

The 7 scamper prompts are: substitute, combine, adapt, magnify/minify, put to other use, eliminate, reverse/rearrange.

Following some of the questions in the lecture slides, I took time to think of several ideas for each prompt.


One idea of interest from substitute was:


Which relates to the "Can I substitute one part for another?" question from the slides.


One idea of interest from combine was:


Which relates to the "Can I combine or merge with other objects?" question from the slides.


One idea of interest from adapt was:


Which relates to the "What could I copy, borrow, or steal?" question from the slides.


One idea of interest from magnify/minify was:


Which relates to the "Can it do more things?" question from the slides.

put to other use

One idea of interest from put to other use was:


Which relates to the "Can it be used by people other than those it was originally intedned for?" question from the slides.


One idea of interest from eliminate was:


Which relates to the "How can I simplify it?" question from the slides.


One idea of interest from reverse/rearrange was:


Which relates to the "What other arrangements might be better?" question from the slides.

Table-based tool

I decided to use a TILMAG matrix for my table-based tool. Again, the product I chose was the bicycle:

TILMAG matrix.jpg

Ideas from this exercise included:

From trampoline/shoe, a spring loaded pedal to return energy from the downstroke and promote a consistent frequency. Also could provide suspension when standing on pedals
spring pedal.jpg
From swivel chair/snuggy, a form following shielding to block wind from the rider's body and protect the bike from snowfall when not in use
From seeing skis/rollerblades, a combination of a rollerblade and ski that can traverse diverse terrane

Blue sky ideas

While a couple highly rated ideas from the blue sky brainstorming session seemed silly, most were fairly practical. I had thought up more reasonable ideas for some sillier ones in the previous post.

These included:

Night vision/car seeing goggles -> A HUD display for the bicyclist that senses nearby cars/traffic.

Car bike disguise -> An enclosed bike system optimally designed for winter.

Glowing bike -> Custom LED system to trick out the bike, light up the snow around it (with color?), and increase visibility.

Communal bike ride -> Multi-person bike system for "bikepooling".

And lastly

Helmet siren -> Proximity alert system:


Top 10

Here are my top 10 picks for ideas that might have potential. There were others as well, so if some don't work out, I have other options.

A spring loaded pedal to return energy from the downstroke and promote a consistent frequency. Also could provide suspension when standing on pedals:
spring pedal.jpg

A new toy for mastering balance in a new way. Like a skateboard with handles is a scooter, a unicycle with handles is a ScootiCycle:


An enclosed bike-like vehicle optimized for the winter:
This could be a system where spinning class bikes could be hooked up to recharge touring electric bikes for the elderly, physically impaired, or the lazy:
The PedalBus; a community transportation system with a driver that pulls up to bus stops. People with bus passes can ride just like the regular bus. Pedals are in each seat that could run a flywheel or other system to store energy and control its release:

A combination of a rollerblade and ski that can traverse diverse terrane:


Sled-backed jacket for impromptu or planned sledding:
Winter biking safety and informational seminars/campaign:


Sponsors to donate to a charity when you check in after biking to campus:


Getting paid for services such as road/bike-lane/sidewalk salting:



Hi Rory,

Great work! Your blog is comprehensive and well written. I like how specific your problem statements are. I like how you have included labels and informative descriptions adjacent to each of your idea doodles. I thought that really helped to connect with the drawings. I appreciate that your documentation is thorough. I can tell that you have taken effort to format your blog.

Perhaps you could have redrawn the last three ideas for a more consistent and cohesive blog appearance, given that the other diagrams are with black marker on grid paper. Also, it appears that the 'Workout Recharge' photo has a diagonal shadow streak going right across it-- maybe it may have been helpful to get rid of that. I really liked your TILMAG matrix--but I felt that it could have been made slightly more legible.


Hey Rory!

I enjoyed reading your blog post! It was insightful and interesting to read your thought process through the refining of your ideas and picking your top 10.

Here are some key things I most liked:
1) You put the two problem statements at the beginning of the blog. This was a huge help to me, as I did not have to go back and read your previous posts.
2) 'Workout Recharge' bicycle. I have been screaming this idea at people for the past YEARS!!
3) 'Pedal Bus'. This is a neat idea, both to save energy and get exercise while on the bus.

I had one main improvement that would really help your blog:
-Picture clarity. You can really improve your blog if you redrew some of the ideas and cleaned up the contrast. Also,

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