Assignment 6


For my polling, I created a simple survey to get feedback from college-aged and active individuals. I utilized questions similar to those suggested in class, such as:

Would you use this?
Do you know someone who would use this? Explain.
Could you see yourself buying this?
If so, how much would you pay for this?

I sent my survey out to 32 people. Unfortunately, I only got 12 responses. These produced the following data for the 10 ideas:


From this, and the written feedback, I determined the 5 most potentially marketable ideas. These were:



Winter biking safety and informational seminars/campaign:
Bicycle incentive. This evolved from the biking for the poor idea based on feedback:



Research resulted in some insightful discoveries:


This revealed that there aren't "low" cost options for a completely enclosed unit. There are some low cost shielding options to protect from wind, but there is room for a relatively affordable system designed to be easily outfitted for winter, but also available for summer use.


This showed that there is available a similar product for ~$15. Otherwise, there isn't available products that are terribly similar that are on the market and in the price range of someone who isn't making an investment.


This showed that there are quite a few different resources available around the twin cities, but their exposure is lacking. No one that took the survey was aware any of them existed, but they thought it would be a good thing to have.


This showed that there are some interesting programs already established elsewhere that could be applied in Minnesota. They could be something specific for a winter program, too.


This revealed that there is a potential gap in the market for a Razor-Scooter-level consumer product. Touring unicycles (with handlebars) cost several hundred dollars.

I am going to have to bite the bullet on this one. I have the information I need to make a decision on what to go forward with, but I can't seem to not (double negative) spend copious amounts of time on each section of this (apparently I enjoy searching these products a little too much). What is here is here, some of the gaps will be included in the next entry.


Hi Alt,
Nice to see your top 5 product ideas to start with. Documenting the process on how you arrived at them from the survey analysis would be great. Will look forward for your complete post!

-- Shiv


Interesting five ideas. Just waiting to see more!


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