Assignment 7

Idea Selection and Pitch

For the selection process, I created a Pugh chart with the categories:

Market opportunities
Unique/competitive advantage
Personal Interest

I chose the sled backed jacket as the benchmark idea since it is relatively middle of the road in relation to the other 4 ideas. From my previous research, I chose to nix the seminar and incentive ideas since they are fairly well established in many areas and would only need some tweaks and backing to be implemented better in our area. I also added a past idea since I started out two short. This was ShinSkis (ski-like attachments for your shins. Similar to the market of the sled backed jacket, this seemed like an applicable addition since it can be related to the surveys I conducted.


From the pugh, the ShinSkis seemed to be the most promising concept. This is because it is a more original concept for the same sort of market as the Slacket, and the other two ideas would need heaps more effort to make them stand out and fit into the niches they would belong in. So, decidedly, the ShinSkis were the idea to go ahead with.


From a patent and google search, the only similar idea was a fairly poorly thought out version of skis that attach to the shins and require a hand-held component, called Shin Skis (what a coincidence!). This was present in the form of what was being called a patent, but only linked to an image. After additional searching, I was unable to find this patent.

Since the name Shin Skis was used by the mysterious patent picture, a new name seemed appropriate. For this process I utilized an online tool for mashing words together. This generated candidates, from shin and skis as seeds, such as Shininki, Shinhiki, Shinki, Skihiin, Shinskiin. None of these were all that great. I wanted to go with Shinskiis based on these, but that name already had another association. I decided to try dropping the second s to give an endearing sort of sound that harkens the straight combination of ShinSkis: Shinkiis


The name might not be perfect, but it grew on me.

Elevator Pitch



Your link to the pitch doesn't work. it only shows a 1 second worth of black screen. If you could fix the link i would be happy to provide feedback.


I also had an issue with the link, but I was impressed with your presentation. I liked the idea as well for kids and especially for someone like me who doesn't like to keep dragging the sled up the hill. This would also be something i would possibly wear walking to class in case i fell.
as far as the blog goes I would have liked to see a bit more elaboration and more of your process. This would allow the user to better understand how you came to this conclusion.

I also had problems with the link. But the in class presentation was good as well as the layout of the blog was great. Everything was clear and the idea is pretty fun!

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