October 31, 2004

California big trees

This photo is a test to see if a 400 px will fit in this templates container. We walked about a mile to see the sequoias while on our annual September visit to Bishop, California.

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October 29, 2004

Another new blog

Someone asked how many websites I have yesterday. I did not know. I did a google search for artatcomo which has been my usual sign in name and there where about 1800 entries. I had forgotten about my early attempts to create webpages at yahoo and netscape many years ago. Also there are the free photo sites like fotolog and yahoo pictures.
The first website I paid for was with homestead.com. I think I paid $29 the first year. The second year was $59. The third year was to be $89. I did not like the progression of increases so I wanted out. About that time Typepad was looking for beta testers and I was accepted. I loved the sense of community that developed amongst the early adapters and also the ease of altering templates, creating photo albums, etc. (Typepad is created by the same company that created Movable Type) I also appreciated that I did not have to pay anything. Eventually Tyepad went public and I needed to pay or leave. I gladly ponied up the money and got a 20% lifetime discount for myself and ten friends. You can view my Typepad blog at: artatcomo.typepad.com
A lot of what I posted was about what I learned and experienced as a volunteer at the Como Park Japanese Garden. The URL was a problem though. People would want to write down the address and I realized that it was not only really long but I did not have it memorized. About that time the domain name comopark.us was available so I bought it along with hosting by catalog.com at $59 for two years. I also paid extra for a tool to make coding the HTML easy(another $50/yr). Their tool was worthless so I paid another $100 for Frontpage 2002 and attempted to create a website. My first attempt can be seen at www.comopark.us I did not understand CSS at that time and now need to start over. At least now I could tell people to use this easier URL as a jumping off point for my real weblogs. Now I have become aware of domain mapping. This supposedly would allow the easy to remember URL(www.comopark.us) to access the compilicated URL(http://artatcomo.typepad.com/comopark/). I also learned that if you do not own the URL that the host of your website can make your whole website disappear. That is what happened to all the pages and photos I published at Homestead. Google still sends people to those pages but all they get is an advertising page for Homestead.
Typepad was great but was missing some things I wanted. I wanted a search box for my site. I wanted to to be found by the search engines. I wanted to publish to feedreaders (RSS aggregators). Blogware was a new tool that promised all this and more. One host, Blogmedia, also had an easier URL to remember so I signed up for art.blogx.com. Notice that there is no www. which may cause confusion. I started this blog on the memorable date 04/04/04. I really recommend blogware as a blog publishing tool. They are continuing to improve its interface.
Today, I read about UThink at EdTechPost and at The Shifted Librarian and decided to try it out. So here is another new blog.

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