July 9, 2004

Hot Dog Night

So last night Luverne had it's Hot Dog Night, where Main Street is closed off so that the businesses there cooked free hot dogs for everyone. Our TKD club put on yet another kick ass demo, and here is a picture of my buddy very pumped up after one of his board breaks

I love that picture, tee-hee.

So my brother Tyler is in jail. He was on a monitoring system because he got a DWI. So everyday he had to blow into this machine that would take his picture and it would check his BAC to make sure he wasn't drinking. He had been on it for like 32 days and hadn't drank at all, then with only 3 days left until he was going to get taken off of this machine and monitoring system, he decides to go out and drink, so when he blew this morning, he obvioulsy had a BAC, so they took him to jail. ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT!!! Man, my brother is a moron, and probably has a drinking problem. What a great way to start out the weekend.

*Cue American Gladiators Theme Song*

Posted by ambo0016 at July 9, 2004 6:23 PM