July 20, 2004

Fuck $$$

I hate money. I am having tons and tons of problems with my fafsa at the moment, and I know that I won't even get any money from them. They will just tell me which loans are from the government and which loans I need to get on my own. I am really beginning to wonder if I can afford to go to the U, which sucks cause I love going to the U, but I am really in a fucking hole right now. I don't want to have $60,000 plus worth of loans to pay off when I get out of college, yet I don't want to transfer to another school, and I also don't want to take time off from college cause it is really hard to get back into the system after you do that (or so I am told). I hate having to make choices. Maybe a Tyranical government or life-style wouldn't be so bad. At least I wouldn't have to think.

*Cue American Gladiators Theme Song*

Posted by ambo0016 at July 20, 2004 4:00 PM