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4-yr-old left in cold car at casino

A 44yearold man is accused of endangering his son after leaving the child in a parked car at a casino while he went in to gamble. The lede gives the who, what and when. A korean translater then gives the father's apology. The piece then summarizes how the boy was found wandering the parking lot without gloves and the possible health consequences the child may face. The next section of the piece is devoted to how childeren are more vulnerable to health problems in the harsh cold! The next section brings the enlightenment of A University of MN Medical Center's counselor evaluation of the situation concluding that there is no connection between gambling addiction and child-endangerment cases. Like most other local startrib articles, the pioneer press's is very similar: http://www.twincities.com/mld/pioneerpress/news/local/16634763.htm