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Teen's 911 Call: 'Please Hurry'

The Strib's continuing coverage of the Waseca family murder gets even more real. Now they have got'n ahold of the 911 transcript and print the part up to the point where the caller, the boy, apparently is shot and killed. The lede gives a quick summary of the contents of the transcript, and the next two grafs give a recap of the events that took place last week. Then the actual transcript is printed followed with speculation as to what occurred. Following this is a summary of the mother's state in a hospital and a bit on the intruder who allegedly shot the family. The article was under a 'Public Safety' heading. The Pioneer Press didn't feel obligated to print the transcript of a 10 year old calling for help before he was murdered. Their most recent coverage was this: http://www.twincities.com/mld/pioneerpress/news/local/16639731.htm with a lot of the same information on the mother's condition and the alleged killer.