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Uneasy Alliance Is Taming One Insurgent Bastion

The NYT is reporting that in Iraq: Many Sunni tribal leaders, once openly hostile to the American presence, have formed a united front with American and Iraqi government forces against Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. With the tribal leaders’ encouragement, thousands of local residents have joined the police force. About 10,000 police officers are now in Anbar, up from several thousand a year ago. During the same period, the police force here in Ramadi, the provincial capital, has grown from fewer than 200 to about 4,500. The story uses sources from the military on the ground. An analyst a colonel and a private all express the uneasy movement towards stability, with former enemies joining the ranks of police. Other sheiks and leaders of tribes from Anbar also express there new willingness to work with Americans as they view the help of the military now essential to their own survival.