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2013 Building Business Capability Conference

The 2013 Building Business Capability Conference was held Nov. 11 - 15, 2013 in Las Vegas. I attended two days of pre-conference workshops, 13 sessions and two keynote speeches. There was a lot of excellent content, which I tried to capture. Many presenters provided PowerPoints, which I have included in this posting.

Here's a quick synopsis of the topics and trends discussed at the conference:

  • Systems thinking is fundamental to delivering holistic integrated solutions that solve complex business problems.
  • Business analysts need to apply "higher order" thinking skills in order to transform information and ideas, to combine facts and ideas and synthesize, generalize, explain, hypothesize or arrive at some conclusion or interpretation
  • Predictive analytics produces business rules that deliver. The customer predictions generated by predictive analytics' business rules deliver more relevant content to each customer, improving response rates, click rates, buying behavior, retention and overall profit.
  • In today's business environment innovation and creativity are becoming an increased focus.
  • Business analysts are in key roles to facilitate innovation and creativity within organizations with engaging and collaborative meetings and techniques.
  • Strategic [Business] Architecture is a high level blueprint for the deployment of new functionalities, the acquisition of new competencies or the migration of existing competencies, and the reconfiguring of the interface with customers.
  • Disruptive technologies like social media, mobility, big data, cloud and gamification have changed the way we interact with the world. Businesses are fast adopting these technologies to become an "Intelligent Enterprise", provide innovative products and services at lightning speed and be regarded as the innovators and market leaders. Business Analysts need to be able to adapt to these changes.
  • New Business Process Management technologies are starting to emerge, such as collaborative tools, dynamic / adaptive case management, predictive analytics, process mining and process simulation.

Below are links to my notes from each session I attended. If a PowerPoint deck was available, I added it just below my notes:

Steve Erlank - Systems Thinking

Steve Erlank - Thinking like an Analyst - Building Mental Muscle

Eric Siegel - Driving Decisions with Predictive Analytics

Angela Wick - What's in Your Toolbox to Drive Innovation and Creativity?

Parin Kothari - Role of Business Architecture in Business Strategy

Ashish Mehta - Next Generation Business Analysis

Randy Somermeyer and Brian O'Reilly - Maximize Resource and Investment: Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Sandy Kemsley - The Evolving Business Process Technology Landscape

Cherifa Mansoura - Agile Requirements - A Balance Between Governance and Agility

John Bethke - Business Events as a Focal Point for Analysis

Gladys Lam - Capturing and Implementing Business Rules and Decisions

Ellen Gottesdiener - End Well to Begin Well: Using Retrospectives for Continual Learning and Improvement

Joanne Carswell - Fire and Ice--Blending Agile and Waterfall from a BA Perspective

Bob Prentiss - The da Vinci Principles

Kevin Brennan - IIBA Endnote

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