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Clarissa 's Sketchbook Post #3

IMG_0846 copy.JPG IMG_0848 copy.JPG IMG_0853 copy.JPG

These are some images that some people might have seen before. Its a graffiti wall that exists on 26th Ave and Franklin Ave here in Minneapolis. I thought that the work was really interesting and creative. I had talked to a few people who are from the Minneapolis area about it and they told me that because the building was abandoned an art group got the okay from the city to go ahead and tag the area. Its a pretty sweet culmination of different artists' work. I also thought it was cool how each area of the wall has a different message. I would definitely say its something to go see.


I had no idea this existed in Mn, it makes me happy. I see painted grey and beige squares all over the city, and it makes me cry at night because I knows that it's probably covering up some good tags and graffiti. I'm impressed by the color and detail. It is SO much better than a meth ad or a 20ft talk-radio host's head on billboards. And, it's free.

Minneapolis is a cool city that way. There is a lot of collaboration with talented graffiti artists in providing venues for them as a way to curb illegal vandalism. Intermedia Arts in uptown is a good example of that www.intermediaarts.org.