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David Rausch - Sketch 4 Zine Idea

My idea is illustrating parkour aka freestyle walking. I believe it was started in France by a guy named David Belle. The objective of freestlye walking is to get from point A to point B in as straight a line as possible. If something is in your way you climb over it rather than go around it. It's pretty simple, but some of these guys are absolutely amazing adding flips and Jacki Chan moves to it. My idea is to use a figure (I'm thinking the And1 guy) and show him on a journey through a city climbing up things and jumping over things. I think it could be really cool and informative. There a quite a few videos out there so if you're interested check them out!


I like this idea, it kind of reminds me of the urban explorers. I would check out their site and consider getting your hands on their zine to see how they relay their story of navigating the city. How do they use visuals of the city. What works and what doesn't? It's always nice to look at a pre-existing example.


I have seen video of these guys before, and it still amazes me that people can do this. I can't wait to see your full zine! :)