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Ellie Drotning- Post #4

Hey everyone- These are some initial sketches for the charter/narrator of my zine. Then genreal concept of my zine is a sort of etiquette/advice book from a sassy grandma character that is loosely based on my own grandmother. It's going to have little domesticity tidbits like how to set a table, how to get out stains, a couple recipes, and cooking tips all provided by a very funny, but very snotty old woman who's stuck in the time when the woman's place was in kitchen. She's the kind of old lady who says things like (and this is straight from the lips of my grandma), "You don't know the difference between a dish towel and hand towel?!? Who were you raised by? WOLVES!?!", and "The best kinds of salads are made with jello and cool whip.", "Get your elbows off the table or I'll SMACK 'EM OFF!" It's almost going to be an Emily Post-type etiquette book with a humorous twist. That's the idea anyway. Since the grandma is such an important element in the zine, I want to make sure she fits the part, so these are some sketches of how she might look. My favorite is definitely the upper left-hand sketch, she'll probably end up looking very close to that. Take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!


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