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Paul SB3: Graffiti Research Lab L.A.S.E.R Tag

Sort of in the same vein as Projection bombing is Graffiti Research Lab's Laster Tag. These guys set up a camera that reads where their really powerful green laser is showing, then projects that back on the building with a high power projector. This is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen not only because I think graffiti is awesome, but because I'm a huge nerd.



well, well, well...in case you didn't know, the art dept got a huge grant to build three bikes to do this exact project. I happen to be in that class. We will be using this software for the project (plus I believe one of the Graffiti Research Lab guys is coming to help us build the bikes). We are currently working on some project ideas (in addition to the graffiti project), building the bikes, and will be riding around town at the end of spring projecting around town.

You'll have to come check us out. I'll keep you posted.