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Kaitlin-Post #4


I was digging around for something I saw at the Nash Gallery, and instead found a goldmine of zine inspiration. It is a digital gallery of Public Health awareness posters from 1919-my topic is germs-it all comes together. What I found most interesting is the contrast between posters aimed at men and posters aimed at women. They are not unlike advertisements today as far as sex and gender roles.
But all the information is so blatant and dated, that it seems satirical. I was shocked at some of the poster stated, SHOCKED I tell you.
What I like the best about the posters is the graphic style/layout and illustrations, I'm going to soak some of that in, zine it up a bit, and relate it to rhinovirus instead of gonorrhea.

Also, my roomate loaned me some books on microbiology. So, public health propaganda posters from 1919 plus modern day microbiology textbook minus antibacterial handsoap multiplied by preschool= my zine.



love it! you've got a strong visual language to work with! I think the rhinovirus idea is stronger than the gonorrhea as it is not only more common but has more potential for satire.