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Laura Sketchbook Post #4


I've always prided myself on being able to find joy in simple pleasures. I believe it is not necessary to spend oodles of money just to have fun. The concept for my Zine is: Fun things you can do with 99 cents. The point of it is not only to give ideas of something to do, but hopefully inspire people to try something new and create memories with others while engaging in silly little activities. I figure this Zine will jive well with Minneapolis because this city is full of broke college students and poor homeless people, who all need to have a little fun.

Some of my ideas are:
-Try a unique fruit: at your local grocery store, check out the produce section for something that looks unfamiliar. Purchase, explore, enjoy.
-Give money (99 cents) to a street musician: scope out the city for your favorite guitar player, trumpet blower of overturned-bucket beater.
-Get a (temporary) tattoo: since tattoos are totally bad-ass, and real ones cost a lot, try one out for yourself, test out your inner punk, then wash it off later.
-Buy a lottery ticket: hey it could happen, but even if it doesn’t, see who you can fool with an over-the-top reaction

My Zine will feature a small illustration of each idea. In addition to that, one of the relevant key words will be pulled out of the description and turned in to an illustration also. That’s what the sketches above are of.


i think your zine idea is really neat, and even useful to us poor college kids :) However, in your ideas, the lottery ticket thing won't be 99 cents, so maybe "up the ante" and go for a buck? (that way you can include the lottery ticket idea, because I think that's cute)

It occurred to me that I didn't give you that much feedback in class, and after digesting your idea and drawings here are my thoughts:
first of all, love the idea. it is very playful. It struck me, however, that your visuals did not match that playfulness. While I love the rendering of the text I feel like there needs to be much more visual stimulation than just the line drawings to match the concept. What about layering in photos, or drawings, or maps on where you can get these products...I don't know, but consider thinking about it more so that the tone of the drawings live up to the idea. What you have is a good start, now develop a visual bank that you can add to them.