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Matt Wenger - Post#4


For my Zine I'm going draw what the music I listen to looks like. So it will be very much like a "visual mixtape" in a sense. This is a quick little sketch I drew and it's based off of a song by Jib Kidder, called "The Return". The song sounds very hip-hop heavy, but is also like a mash-up. On top of this hip-hop like beat there are choppy cuts thrown in of Phil Collins yelling or screaming (or singing, maybe). But, I think it's from a Tarzan song he was singing so that explains the gorilla with a confused muttering look on his face. Then there is some childish dialogue that comes in and out of the song as well, so thats the reasoning for the girl holding the mic up to the gorilla. The rest is just meant to look hip-hop-ish.


haha I swear I was thinking the very same thing. I want to draw things from music I listen to and kind of make a story by connecting a few songs that I have in mind. good luck!