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meher-sketchbook post #4

i'm really excited about zines! REALLY EXCITED! as it so happens, just last week a friend of mine recommended a zine to me, and then went ahead and brought me a copy to read. it's called "doris" and is by a woman who used to live in minnesota. i read issue #12, and there were some exciting references to minneapolis in it. this particular zine seems to focus on issues of sexual abuse and women's rights. i was given issue #12 because it's not as focused on politics, as my friend says. but it was still a lot of fun to read.

i found the doris zine creator's website (www.dorisdorisdoris.com) if you'd like to take a gander at some of the covers, which i think are spectacular. there are also some links to other zines of interest on there, and you can buy a doris zine too. i'm really interested in looking at some different zines now, with different subject matter. it seems that while a lot of them follow a kind of booklet format, every one is different in presentation of material.