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Micki Sketchbook #4: My Zine idea

I have my idea picked out already and the first photo you see is my cover page. It will be about my brother's doll TAZ sneaking out of his bedroom and going on an adventure through 3 unreal worlds. The worlds are LOONEY TUNES, DR. SEUSS, and WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. that is what the second photo consists of. The 2nd and 3rd pages are drawn out. the 2nd page is on the bottom of TAZ sneaking out the bedroom and the 3rd page is above that and it shows TAZ contemplating where he will be going (almost like he were playing a board game) I don't know if I want to add text into some of the images, but rather just draw/paste certain images on each page and let the reader think of what is going on in each image. give me any suggestions that you think would benefit my idea. thanks!