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Nikki_Sketchbook 4


I have a lot of ideas going through my head about this project but the one that I included sketches of is a favorite meal of mine. It's what I like to call mac-n-beans and its mac and cheese with baked beans. I wanted to do a zine of what mac-n-beans is, how to make it and how to eat it.

Some other ideas i have are a roommate zine...with different types of roommates you can have. For example I was thinking "the messy roommate" "the invisible roommate" and others. I was thinking of calling this zine, What's Your Brand?


I thought your first idea was really funny (although I don't know about mac-n-beans as a meal). Your second idea could be really funny, though. It sort of makes me wish I had done it. Ha.

I love both ideas, it all depends on how they relay visually. Have you done some sketches for both? Being that our zines are meant to be focused on the visual, make sure whichever one you choose translates well.