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Hey guys, my post this week is what I had done Thursday at critique (since we ran out of time). If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it. ;) Thanks!

P.S. The birchbark going around the left side is kind of rough and slapped on right now since I don't want it to get dirty when I do more charcoal work. Also the Native American patterns on the left are silver and black, but the black patterns are hard to see from this angle.


I did comment on yours, but it was on your first post. I will repeat myself again but oh well. I knew instantly who your person was when I first saw your drawing. It's Pocahontas and I think everyone would agree that this is the image they picture if they were asked to draw her. I like that you did the two sides of her and that you split them up. They balance out very well and my eyes pay attention to the whole drawing and not just one specific part of it. Maybe one thing to work on is the pattern at the top left corner because the right side seems kind of empty. Maybe incorporate another pattern or do the same pattern. Other than that, I really enjoyed your work. good job! :)

Hey! I still think that this portrait is one of my favorite ones. I still think that the only feedback I have is to still use more white on the left side to really bring out her face. Also, I really like the detail on the upper left-hand corner and maybe you could encorporate that on the bottom right or elsewhere in your drawing. Good job! and I can't wait to see when it is done with the birchbark and everything.

I like the different use of birchwood in this version better than the first time you had posted it. The only thing i can really think of to suggest is to space out the patches of birchwood more so that the feather isn't the only break in the implied circle. It seems like it could still work well with the unity of the rest of the design if you even placed a few of them over the hair on her shoulder, which would bring a more complete look to that circle going around her. But with that said, it still looks really great, good job.