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...you refuse to purchase products that have poorly designed packaging.

Hi guys, for my zine I am doing a collage/illustrated piece called "You know you're a designer when..."

Each page will present the reader with a one liner and visual depiction of a particular something that designers are known for, or characterized by. Because there will be over a dozen of these scenarios, each page will have a different look and feel. I plan on using a combination of hand-written and printed text as well as collaged photos and illustrations.

Feel free to shoot me some good ones if they come to mind!


You know a designer when...

...you try to see how many fonts you can identify on various things while walking to class.

It's so true. I even buy products when I like the packaging, even if I don't need them. I like this idea, it's so relatice to the class on every level.

My post above, I always forget my name. By relatice I mean relative.