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Whitney - Sketchbook Post #3

As far as my project goes, I'm set on incorporating fish, birds, and the moon into the two scrolls on the outside. They'll be done in a collage as well like the main figure. So as far as my post goes this week, I'm working on choosing an Artist for my presentation next week. I've narrowed it down to two and maybe just looking for some feedback on which one people would like to hear about? The first is a graphic designer, David Carson, who works a lot with type. Some examples:


The other, is an illustrator, Ellen Weinstein. She has done a lot of work with magazines and newspapers and advertising. Some examples:


As you can tell, they both seem to work with collage, which is something I enjoy. So any feedback on who you all want to hear/learn about would be great, since I can't decide. Thanks!


I vote for the illustrator! She seems more relevant to what we are doing in class.

I vote for illustrator as well..only because I have already put my presentation together and I did mine on David Carson :(

Nevermind...I'm not doing David Carson anymore but I still vote for the second one.