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Zine Idea-Natalie Olbrantz

Alright! So my idea for my zine is to do "things that are the color of orange". I have a pretty big list and if you guys can think of anything unique that is orange let me know! I'm thinking about illustrating all of it in black and white, and after printing it all off I'm going to go through and scribble an orange highlighter across everything. I think it'll be pretty funny when it's done, but let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas! I'm pretty open to anything! Also, I posted just a few sketches of things that are orange...ex: finding nemo, ernie, carrots (on fire!), etc.


a cute little duckling...ON FIRE!

Pumpkin pie, carrots, oh and the phoenix suns bball team has orange

Those really cool guys at clubs that pop their collars and have bad 'man-tans'. They look orange. That'd be a pretty funny illustration...

squash, clockwork orange, orange cones, mango, orangutan, goldfish...