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This animation has a series of episodes. I dislike greatly when he laughs, talks or makes any noise at all. He is obnoxious. This is one of the least obnoxious cartoons.
But I admire the use of lines to create the character and objects, and how the background color changes with his mood. Simple, and effective.

The feisty Italian cartoon reminded me of another animation that I love.
I know, I know, it's Disney-but it's FANTASIA (2000). The style replicates that of the artist Al Hirshfeld-he's good with lines. AND it's set to a George Gerswin classic, Rhapsody in Blue. I can't get over how charming it is, the witty use of simple color and half-finshed detail works so well with the soundtrack. The characters seem extra lively compared to the rest of the city.
The one odd things that sticks out in my mind are the eyelashes of the waitress- I can't get over them. Why are there bead-things on the ends? Wouldn't that be heavy? They look like spider legs. Or showgirl lashes.


I love Fantasia! I'm glad you posted this on here because it is a great example to show for our animation assignment. thanks your posting it :)