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Hey guys, so Tuesday nights in March AIGA and the Walker will be presenting "Reinventions: Insights 2008 Design Lecture Series." March 25th, the series will host a designer by the name of Ed Fella. He is known for his innovative hand-rendered and typographic compositions, collages, and elaborate sketchbooks. I find him to be especially relevant since we have been working with zines (which combine illustration and collaging, of course). Fella's work can inspire designers to remember they can DRAW in a time where computer-aided design seems to take over.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
07:00 pm

Here's his website, which reminds me quite a bit of our zine project in the way it combines drawing and collage.


that stuff looks really cool, but when I tried the link to the website it didn't work. The url it is searching for is incomplete. Maybe my computer doesn't work right, idk.