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Clarissa Animation

Media Mill Video


Hey Clarissa,

I think your animation turned out really well. The use of color was definitely a nice touch and really pushed it to the next level.

One thing that could be tweaked is the intro text. It seems to hang there for a few seconds too long. Other than that I think your animation was successful.

I'm glad you used color-way to go.
The end sprinkles are a bit awkward to me. They just hang out, and I want them to disappear each time I watch it. The intro is too long, but you knew that already. I also think that it could use more animation before the transformation. Like head tilts, or something. Besides that it is very charming. I love french. and cupcakes.

I also really like your use of color and the way the transformation happens really quickly. Since I knew it was going to happen, I really like the suspense before he changed to a cupcake.

Adding to Kaitlin's comment about more animation before the transformation, I can see the chef winking or something like that. Since the cupcake drawing is so cute and colorful, I think it would have been nice to just end with that image instead of having the sprinkles. Nice job, it's one of my favorites!

Your animation turned out great. Your animation was a basic transformation, so the use of color jazzed it up a bit, I should think.