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meher-sketchbook post #...something

ok scratch that.

back to my original idea, but with a new perspective...i decided to go with more of a storyline for my postcard. i thought of a girl who is really imaginative and clever, but she is painfully shy. she loves a boy and wants to tell him, so she writes him a letter. the narrative shows how she is kind of misunderstood because she is so shy, and the colorful images she thinks of when she's on her own. i still want to keep my expressive stick figures, but i'm going to spend a lot more time in polishing the actual drawings. also, i will add in color when the girl is imagining things, and when she is in love.

on a side note, i was cleaning my room this weekend and found a small comic i made when i was bored, and i want to do the drawings in that kind of style, with a bit more polish, hopefully.


Love this storyline and I'm glad you're revisiting it. I think, in many ways, it ties in to the projects you've been working on this semester.