May 15, 2008

Norman Rockwell

Work by Mr. Rockwell. There is a plethora of sites. Type his name in a search engine and you'll find tons of his stuff.

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May 6, 2008

Edward Gorey


May 1, 2008

Aleksi Briclot


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April 27, 2008

Winsor McCay Presentation

Download file "Little Nemo" Animation "Gertie the Dinosaur" Animation

I added website links to my presentation if anyone wanted to take a look at his work.

April 26, 2008

Beatriz Martin Vidal Presentation

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April 24, 2008

Art Spiegelman Presentation- Alison


“Art Spiegelman…to the comics world is a Michelangelo and a Medici both,
an influential artist who is also an impresario and an enabler of others...?

Hey guys, here's the pdf of my presentation if you feel like taking a closer look
at Spiegelman's major work. It's pretty inspirational for our current project.
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March 26, 2008

Paul - Artist from Presentation

And heres that calendar thing I was talking about:

March 13, 2008

Andy Warhol, Eduardo Cortes

By using mass-produced objects as his inspiration, as well as relying on screen printing rather than painting, Warhol abolished the principal of artistic originality, instead utilizing images familiar to everyone and practices almost anyone could repeat.

March 11, 2008

Will Barras - Clarissa


This is work by Will Barras. He's and up and coming Illustrator from Halesowen, England. He has been in Europe, America, and Japan and now resides in London. He is currently Illustrating at Bermuda Shorts and doing his own illustrations in his studio. If you want to check out more on this artist and others that I found while checking him out take a look at these websites:

March 10, 2008

Jason Raish-kaitlin


Draw pictures and travel the world? Sign me up.
Freelance Illustrator Jason Raish:
based in NYC, has at least one brother, draws for magazines. <---has an interesting travel/personal blog, reminds me of our class blog.

February 27, 2008

Ron Brown Hip-Hop Illustrator

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Chelsey: Post 5: Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey has influenced allot of many of the movies, themes, and illustration styles that we have all become familiar with. He is one of my favorite, FAVORITE illustrators, and I'd like to just take this opportunity to say, "DIBS!
Edward Gorey.jpg



If you'd like to check out more morbid artwork, here's where you can do that:

February 26, 2008

Ellen Weinstein

Ellen Weinstein is an illustrator who works mainly with collage and illustrates today for many well-known publications such as Time magazine, Washington Post, LA Times newspaper, Forbes magazine, Billboard magazine, and many others. She is currently based out of New York City. Check out her website:

February 21, 2008

Victor Moscoso

The artist I chose for my presentation is Victor Moscoso. He's pretty cool, as you will see later today in class. Here is his website, which includes a sampling of his artwork. CHECK IT!

February 14, 2008

Robert "Banksy" Banks

Hey Guys- I posted the website for Banksy and a couple pictures to look at. His website is really cool so I would suggest taking a peak at it. Also, there are a couple interesting videos on there too.

Here's the Banksy Website! Check it out!

Nikki Anderson's Artist Presentation

Widows and Orphans 1919.jpg kollwitz_death.jpg kathe.jpg

Kathe Kollwitz, was a German painter, printmaker, and sculptor. She drew her inspiration from real life and depicted everything she saw in all reality. She empathized for the poor and depicted those victimized by poverty, hunger and war through her drawing, etching, lithography and woodcuts. Her work is very dark but communicates a clear message to the viewer and universally understood.

February 8, 2008

Robert "Banksy" Banks

My artist for my presentation on February 14th is Robert "Banksy" Banks. He was an English graffiti artist from Yate (near Bristol, England). He was born in 1974, and was the son of a photocopier engineer. Banks was originally trained as a butcher, but then later got into graffiti art in the 1980's. His work is usually filled with satire and focuses on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics.

February 5, 2008

Laura Artist Presentation: Keith Haring


For my presentation I chose the artist Keith Haring. Though I've seen his recognizable images before, it wasn't until very recently that I learned of his art and its history and meaning. Haring was a young artist that dealt with many social issues including homosexuality and AIDS. He was diagnosed with AIDS and died two years later from related complications. During that time, he used his art to promote awareness and acceptance for the AIDS cause. He also started the Keith Foundation that benefits AIDS-related charities as well as other children's charities.


Keith's art has a very distinct style with bold lines and bright colors. He uses motifs that he creates to make complex surface patterns. Much of what Haring creates is either marker on paper or acrylic on canvas, lending itself to the clear, defined lines. I love the movement in his art. You eye can't stop moving. How cool is it that these simple little outlined people can look so alive, and in many cases, convey an important message.