May 19, 2008

Eduardo Cortes Graphic Novel

May 17, 2008

David - Graphic Novel

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Emily Graupner Graphic Novel

Matt Wenger - Graphic Novel

graphic novel - title.jpg graphic novel page 1(noboxes).jpg graphic novel - page 4.jpg graphic novel - page 2.jpg graphic novel - page 3.jpg

May 16, 2008

Clarissa's Graphic Novel


I don't know whats wrong with my Cover but it won't upload, I'm sorry, I got frustrated, I will try again later

Chelsey Graphic Novel

two.tif THRID.tif four.tiffive.tif six.tif

meher's graphic novel!

Kaitlin Reiss Graphic Novel

Paul Carroll Graphic Novel

Natalie Olbrantz-Graphic Novel

Ellie Drotning-Graphic Novel!

Hey guys- here's my graphic novel. I know the pictures look yellow, but that's because I used slightly yellow paper, not because they're crappy images.

Micki Graphic Novel

Here it is! hope you guys enjoy and have a great summer! :)

Charles Graphic Novel

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magnus graphic novel

May 15, 2008

Nikki Graphic Novel

Nikki_Comic1.jpg Nikki_Com2.jpg Nikki_Com3.jpg Nikki_Com4.jpg

Sigafoos Graphic Novel

May 13, 2008

Whitney Graphic Novel

graphicnovel1small.jpg graphicnovel2small.jpg graphicnovel3small.jpg graphicnovel4small.jpg graphicnovel5small.jpg

So as you can see, my final has changed a lot from my rough drafts. I got a lot of comments on how the pages didn't seem cohesive and that the bright colors were overwhelming and everything just seemed too busy. So i toned it way down, used a cohesive ocean-like background on each of the four main pages and with just a tad bit of layering over that so that it didn't seem too distracting. I also used only real-landscape pictures to dull it down a bit instead of bright highly saturated images.

May 12, 2008

Laura Anderson Graphic Novel

Here it is.

Ta da!