February 5, 2008

Clarissa Kramer Post #2


So this is my basic idea for my composition. I did sketch a picture of Anne Boleyn however my scanner is having some issues. Basically, the background was the flag for Henry VIII, and its rearrangement is a cross, to represent the separation from the Roman Catholic Church. I thought for the final composition I would make the fabric of the background ratty and torn to drive the point home.
Concerning the portrait I played with the angles of Anne Boleyn's posture and ended up deciding on keeping her entirely profile

February 4, 2008

Charles O. Sketchbook Post #2

The look and feel of this mural is the idea for my final project. I am planning on creating a mural of Tupac Amaru II as it would look if done by the people of his hometown.

Ellie Drotning- Post #2

After much bouncing back and forth about my drawing, and probably 40 thumbnails sketches... here's sketches of the last two I've narrowed it down to. I also have posted a scan of the two papers I bought- I haven't decided which, or both to use yet.

February 3, 2008

Nikki Anderson-SB2



I have decided to show the portrait of Deborah Samson with a somewhat femine figure, with wider hips and more curves, contrasting with a much larger broad shouldered silhouette. I am going to have the text of the other image fill the silhouette. The text is a letter that was written by Paul Revere about Deborah.

Chelsey Johnson-SB2

I'm debating between a composite of images of her or a single seen, but I've had problems loading these. I've gotten all my ink, paper and fabric to make this into a convincing 10th century scroll. I'm excited to put this all together.

February 2, 2008

meher-sketchbook post #2

yesterday, i had an adventure. i really wanted to go to wet paint to find a specific kind of paper for this project, so i glanced at some bus routes and decided to take the 3 over to st. paul. bad idea. i got so lost it's not even funny. thankfully, i got some help from friendly people who pointed me in the right direction, and made it to wet paint and got an AMAZING piece of paper. it cost me like 3 dollars! but i think it will be worth it.

it's opalux vellum, and it's somewhat transparent, but not completely. it's also kind of thick. i was worried because my plan is to put acrylic paint on it, and after feeling it's texture i could just see the acrylic peeling right off of it like a sticker. the guy working at the counter (who is super super knowledgeable about this stuff, by the way) said that it's not the best medium to put on there, but it would work, and it would help if i stretched the paper. i might do that, but i might also do charcoal instead. it seems like it would take a little better. in either case, i hope i don't ruin my expensive paper.

my plan is to have a background layer of a henna design, and then my opalux vellum on top, with an image of mehr-unissa on it. i don't want to do a very accurate representation of a person for this one. because she was an intelligent and capable woman in a time when women mostly faded into the background, or conversely, were known only for their looks, i want to do this in a more modern style. there will be an image of just her torso and part of her face (to de-emphasize her looks). this way i can show her jewelry and clothes that signified her status as an empress. also, i want this image of her to be somewhat like a high contrast black and white photo; i only plan on including the black parts of the image on the vellum. also, she will most probably be holding either a crown or a coin, because her name was on currency. so that's what i've got so far.

by the way, i made friends with a bus guy on the way back to minneapolis, how exciting!

David Rausch-SB2

So I forgot how bad scanning can make drawings look until after I scanned it. Sorry. Um...I haven't chosen an idea yet. The drawing on the top left is Genghis Khan falling off of his horse with a skeleton face of death as his shadow on the ground because it is believed he may have died from falling off of his horse. In the background is a city he has captured and lit on fire and there are little people on horses in the background. The picture on the right is a map of the Asian area at the time with Genghis Khan's face filling the area of where he conquered. Within the face are rivers and cities and names of the countries. The bottom pic is just Khan on a horse with a city being burned to the ground. I'm prolly going to do one of the top two but I"m not sure yet. I'm planning on using pencil and paper.

Magnus SB#2



Some sketches of Stede Bonnett. These served to give me some ideas for portraits as well as some ideas as to how I'd make Mr. Bonnet look. The finished portrait will incorporate elements from these sketches as well as some new ideas.

Laura Sketchbook Post #2

sketchf1 (small).jpg

eyes (small).jpg


To portray Stradivari, I wanted to emphasize the three characteristics that I came up with in that exercise we did. They were: dedicated, genius, and craftsman. For the dedicated part I’ll draw ‘ol Antonio with very weary eyes, tired form late nights straining by lantern light finishing up work. The genius part comes in with Stradivarius holding up one of his finished violins (which are genius, no doubt). Lastly, to portray the craftsman part, he’ll be wearing a dirty apron and have rough, workman’s hands.

This drawing will be charcoal on a rough paper. In addition to that, I want to incorporate some plans of the instruments with their measurements etc. drawn on tissue paper and overlaid on parts of the drawing.

The sketches I had of his face etc. didn’t make the trip back home from McNeal. Now that it’s late, and I lack a car, retrieving them wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do. Meh…

Micki Benson-SB2

Here is my rough sketch for my idea of Michel Nostradamus. I know it's not very detailed and not begin it's final process just yet, but I will make it as great as possible for you guys when we meet on Tuesday. He was a physician and an astrologist and I wanted to incorporate more of his physician side but also include his prophecies in the background. Nostradamus is well known for his prophecies. The images are of the the 911 attacks, the swastika symbol to represent the Holocaust that supposedly Nostradamus predicted in one of his prophecies, and same goes for the 911 attacks and the challenger shuttle disaster that you see to the right. Nostradamus is in the middle contemplating how to cure the plague because he did end up making a medicine that would help ease the suffering of the plague for many people. I'm not sure if this is where he will be placed exactly, because I should probably show a little more of his face since I do have a good idea of what I want him to look like. The writings below him are from his prophecies book and the first one relates to Hitler and that's why I chose to draw the swastika. the second one goes with the the challenger space shuttle and the last saying goes with the 911 attacks. I was thinking that I would use white charcoal for the words on the floor and then darken the background and put a sort of spotlight on him at his table as well as the 3 images above as if he were thinking of them. Almost as if he were floating. Let me know if you have anything that would work better with my ideas. Thanks! :)

Emily Graupner-SB2

02-01-2008 07;31;27PM.JPG

This is still pretty underdeveloped, but I want to portray a battle scene for my warrior princess, Zenobia. I'm having a difficult time finding tack and clothing from the 3rd century to provide accuracy for my scene. Other elements of the illustration will include a map of the Palmyrene Empire and possibly the opposing Roman prefect.

Matt Wenger - Post#2

(Sorry, he's not really going to be upside down like this).

This is closer to how I want to portray king tut, revealing both the king and kid aspect, as well as the cause of death (knee). I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with the background, I know i want to use the hieroglyphics that resemble king tut's name, so this is what I have now. I'm thinking about making them bigger and possibly shading quite a bit of the background and having them be white on the dark background. I plan to use some textured sand colored paper, with the drawing of king tut on a different type of paper, a smoother paper most likely. Then paste him over top. I tried to reveal his eye showing out from under the tomb as well to move the eye around more and not have so much of a focus on the knee. I'm still working with blending the tomb and the human form as well, so that it looks smooth as well as unified.

Kaitlin Reiss-sketchbook 2

My picture situation has plummeted beyond less than favorable. SO, I will attempt to be descriptive until I can post something visual.

I found out that Lat used to be a king, but was kicked out because he was anti-colonization/anti railroad. Even some native habitants favored the colonizers. Lat did not have the power to fight and defeat the French, but fought them anyway-and his own people ( he wasn't alone in the revolt, he did have suport.) Nobody else's resistance was as strong as Lat's, that is why he is an icon. But he was killed in battle, along with his sons.

The most important part of this story is the struggle. Trying to save a nation's identity-language-culture is a tough job. I want to show this. I will be drawing with black and white conte on top of gray. I pland to show the fall of Lat, and him being supported by hands of his followers-but still in a fierce position of pride, to show he fought to the death. The finall portrait may be a bit dark, pehaps appear pessimistic, but It is a tragedy. I'm going to try to play up the perseverance and honor lat symbolizes as much as I can through the gestures of figures.



(I've included the laying shot so that more of the charcoal pencil details can be seen.)

Here is my rendition of Pocahontas. My concept is that from the time she 11 until she died at 22, Pocahontas was a link of goodwill between the Algonquian Indians and the English colonists. After marrying Englishman John Rolfe, being baptized and renamed Rebecca, she became a well respected, yet non-traditional English socialite. My narrative is to convey how she quite literally "wove" together and reflected, two very distinct and powerful cultures, "colored and white" you could say. I am striving to show the contrast of culture and yet maintain her native ethnicity on both sides.

I've chosen to "frame" the right side in order to convey a sense of how the English culture made her appear confined and traditional even though her ethinicity wasn't. Also I've chosen to render text from the Europeanized paintings of Pocahontas that exist. On the left side I will also be incorporating Algonquian patterns.

I collected birchbark, wove it together, and chose to incorporate it for two reasons. One being the Algonquians used the bark for everything, from canoes, homes, to jewelry. What's more, the women were mostly in charge of such weaving. Secondly, birchbark represents her tribe and when weaved together, solidifies my narrative and concept.

Paul Carroll - Sketchbook 2

So for my final composition I decided to stick with the depiction of Dimitri Pisarev in the foreground, with Saint Basil's Cathedral in the background. After the activity we did last Tuesday I realized that a simple way to symbolize one person caring for another would be interlocked hands, lifting someone up. Since my figure was all about the well being of his fellow Russians, I think that the interlocked hands symbolize this connection pretty well.

For the final drawing I plan on putting each element (The guys, the cathedral, the sky) on slightly different types of textured paper that might look weathered in a way. I think the combination old looking weathered paper and darkened corners/edges will give the final project the feel of an old timey photograph.

February 1, 2008

Whitney Bestor - Sketchbook Post #2

I hope I'm not the only one who can't find "Sketchbook Posts 2".....

So I've been contemplating for awhile and I've decided to leave Xi Shi's face blank. Since her actual physical beauty is never described, I figured I would let the viewer see her as whatever they say is beautiful. I do plan on using a lot of value in the face to help enhance the actual shape of her face ever though it won't have eyes, nose, mouth, etc. I plan on showing about 3/4 of her body so that her clothes can help tell who she is. I plan on putting the xi shi bridge in the background but I don't want that to be the focal point. I then plan on incorporating chinese symbols in an almost collage sort of way by painting them over the top of the image (but not over her face) in a different medium, like clear or light gray paint. So that's kind of what I've got going on right now....any input would be great!

Natalie Olbrantz-Sketchbook Post #2

This is the start to my drawing of Lucy Terry Prince. I am using pencil on white drawing paper. The concept of this design is the idea of identity. Lucy Terry was (like mentioned before) stolen from African and moved to the United States therefore I am portraying her both in America, and in Africa. She is looking at a reflection of herself as the person she would have been in Africa.